Little Egypt

Horkey 2007

A Village Event

A merry throng
Is this what they mean by a 'belt and braces' job?
Movement to deceive the eyes  

In a change from previous years, 2007 marked the separation of the Bough Dragging and the Horkey Dance, giving us much more time to prepare Glemsford Village Hall for the evening's shennanigans.

Early morning saw Doods up a very tall ladder, with NuNu ably assisting, installing the atmospheric lighting.
Others meanwhile were installing the Adnams Bitter and Broadside, along with the range of fine wines and cans of Guinness and lager.

Does the electricians' trade association really recommend a pint of Adnams to test the earthing arrangement Doods?

Members and supporters had been busy cooking up myriad delights for the buffet. By 7 p.m. the Fabulous Horkey Band was ready for a soundcheck, P.A. courtesy of T. Thomson Sound Productions Inc. (trading as Rock-God to the Masses Ltd), and Mr Bangs's mate Terry had turned up with the "Bucolics" - various old thatching implements, straw bales and of course, the 2007 Straw Man.

Listen! There's a clue in the title. It's the Circle Dance, ok?

It was a record year for ticket sales, with a good number of Glemsfordians joining in the fun. The band was led by our expert caller and melodeonist, all the way from Dorset, Mr Mark Mikurenda.
Martin Barrett, Sandi Fittock and Terry Yarnell completed the lineup.
It was a great evening with the floor packed with dancers and the new Village Hall chairs were hardly used. Much beer was consumed, many wine bottles emptied, and even the fizzy water almost ran out.

In short, another **** evening with the Morris!


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