The Morris Men of Little Egypt
Boxing Day 2007

The Tradition Maintained

Boxing Day 2007

Yet again, the Men of Little Egypt responded to the Squire's Challenge:

"Tradition has it that, following an emotional toast, we will be setting off from Tye Green at 12.45 for the procession to the Black Lion where dancing will commence promptly at 13.00."

As was always the way with Little Egypt, timings were to be interpreted with wit, not to mention abandon.

This and succeeding pages will focus on the range of entertainment provided on the Big Day.


Our Fifteenth Year

Spot the Squire

The Mustering

The Dancing

The Mumming


See lads? They've laid a Black Top for us, specially.

On the other hand, if you haven't got the will to go through all the pages, here's a quick digest, including some dancing and some mumming.
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