Little Egypt Return to Bardwell

Undampened Spirits

Like memories of childhood, recollections of life with Little Egypt tell us that the sun has always shone.

2007 seems to be setting out to be the exception that proves the rule.

Our May Day Holiday tradition of dancing at Bocking had already been disrupted by the weather; less than a fortnight leater, we were again to be affected by bad weather.

Sunday 13 May meant it was time for our annual visit to Bardwell Windmill - or this year, Bardwet.

There were hints of rain on the journey over from Glemsford but as we arrived at the Dun Cow the skies were brightening - comparatively anyway.

A beer - mostly Guinness - and we completed our first dance, no, not that one but Speed The Plough, in nice dry conditions. Then it started to rain and out came the brollies to protect the musicians' instruments. Undeterred we completed three more dances before the lure of a fine barbecue, courtesy of landlord Alan, called a temporary halt as we fought to stave off the damp chill by sampling his finest beefburgers.

Time then to move on round to the Windmill, and by now the rain had really set in. Luckily there was a covered area where two of the new sails were nearing completion, leaving room for our band to shelter from the worst of the weather. Note our drummer of the day, Gareth, husband of violinist Sue, who did a fine job of keeping us in step. By now the men were drenched so there seemed every reason to continue to dance for the visitors who had gathered to see us. After 20 minutes we'd had enough. Our whites were mud coloured and the blue from the baldricks was adding a sort of "Daz whiteness" to our shirts. Time for a nice cup of tea and a piece of cake before dripping our way home.

Despite the weather it was a really enjoyable occasion, especially knowing that we were helping to swell the funds to enable the volunteers to speed on with the restoration of this fine windmill.


Where we supped

Sorry: my stick's slippy.  Keep moving: the rain'll miss us. 
I'd like a big, meaty one, please  Boasting again, Geoff? 
Not bad for washing up liquid  Cheers! 

Not much dancing, so we can focus on the Musicians

Suffering for our art  Two fiddles and a box 
They never have this problem at the Albert Hall  I can't see what Geoff finds so difficult about this 
If anyone else calls me a WAG, I'll deck 'im.  Who's idea was this anyway? 
Just hold that umbrella steady  It's a beginning of season sail 
Call me Mr Inscrutable  Why we went 
Oi! Nunu, you dancing so fast you're starting to steam under the hat. 

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