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Glemsford: News and Gossip: July 2004

I am indebted to a variety of eyes, ears and correspondents in the village for keeping me informed ...
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Glemsford: 2004.

  • The D Day Anniversary Tea Party (organised via Gill Turner at the Library) was enjoyable. They want to get peoples' War-time memories on record during the next year. Mum had already started to write hers, so we'll go along to the library soon and get them onto the BBC website. Anglia TV were there briefly.
  • The Glemsford Fun Day (3 July 2004) was really very good. The organisers did a great job. The good ol' "Glemsford Breeze" literally had a "field day", ripping two or three tents and gazebos from their moorings, but at least we only had one short shower of rain.
  • The Morris arrived and tried to drink the bar dry. The pub Tug o' War teams finished what was left.
  • There was the usual stampede when the Morris called upon the virgins of Glemsford for the last dance. (Not.)
  • The Angel Tug o' War team was beaten by the Black Lion. (Fix.) The Cherry Tree were the outright winners.
  • The Ebenezer Chapel is up for sale, I think in excess of 525,000
  • The First Responders collection box was stolen from the surgery recently. Can you believe it?
  • West Suffolk Hospital has increased its car parking charges - a minimum of 2.00 for up to two hours, then a tariff of up to 10.00
  • The Church (which has severe structural problems): there is a lot of physical effort and fund-raising going on for restoration. (I've been looking up the preparation and application of lime mortar on the Internet, and I've also bought the odd marrow at coffee mornings, ...) Some of the Fun Day proceeds were for the Church, but they have a long way to go
  • Watch this space.
  • Further to the item about the Fun Day, this letter appeared in the latest Suffolk Free Press (Sudbury). It makes interesting reading, and comparison with a rather sour entry on my Guest Book:
    "The Glemsford Fun Day" was a great success and congratulations to the organisers. However, I must express my disappointment at the attitude of some of the Glemsford companies to this event.
    One employer in the village refused any help - even to the extent of refusing the loan of a piece of equipment and, in fact, denying that it had it.
    What really rankles is that it is willing to get involved in nearby villages, but not the one in which they are situated. Another employer in the village smiled sweetly but did nothing and a third, when approached, was so rude that it nearly had one of the organisers in tears. Shame on you all. If the event is run next year, I hope these companies will feel an obligation to support their local village.
    On the other hand, many thanks to the organisations and small businesses who did support the event, including Glemsford Primary School, Broadway Stores, Glemsford Tyres, Mitchell Stores, the Cutting Room and Turner's Stores."

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