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Christmas Comes But Once A Year

So, in Little Egypt, We Make Sure We Get In Early

December 2, to be precise

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I'm in charge!

Little Egypt's 2006 Celebrations of Christmas
moved this year, for the first time,
to The Bull, in Long Melford

Correction: I am.
It's not like Jukes to hide behind anything, let alone someone else's beer 

Brian "Baggie" Stephens writes:
This represented a break with tradition in a move from the previous venue, the Cock & Bell.
Drinks were served and carols sung in the private lounge before we moved to a dining room for the rest of the evening.

And Squire Neville Parry also had a few words of congratulation as well:
I felt that the Bull Hotel looked after us very well.
The room was "cosy" for our large number but an alternative room is available there (but was booked last Saturday) if we want to return next year.
I particularly liked having their lounge set aside for our arrival and the carol singing - it felt very festive indeed.

As was also commented upon, "Hello!" magazine were not prepared to divi up the asking price this year, so alternative arrangements were made, and we didn't notice their absence.

Martin Cleverdon surveyed the scene nervously as master and originator of the Occasion, but he had no need to be worried.

There were indeed smiles all round.

Gilberta and David were happy to have made their long-distance trek yet again to join the festivities, and Pat and Christine were more than happy to keep an eye on proceedings, too.

Once Martin's nerves were calmed he, too, was able to enjoy the whole evening, even though one or two people (as usual) mistook the occasion for the Last Night of the Proms or worse...

The meal itself was very pleasant indeed.

The Squire again:
The service, under the gaze of Johno, was also very efficient and friendly.

All the usual festive regalia were on show, to match the varieties of dress and really, the smiles say it all.

Damn! I was told it was Fancy Dress - Pirates of the Caribbean, and I went to all this trouble 
I'm not sure what to do with the people who couldn't be arsed to come properly dressed ...  ... but I'm ever so glad some people made the effort, otherwise they couldn't look the Grand Master in the eyes again 
I brought Andrew, but please don't hold that against me  You should worry - did you see who tagged along with me? 
We've travelled a long way for this, you know  It's not a patch on last year's do, you know 
Somehow, I think it makes me look more dignified  Well, anything looks dignified compared with my antics 
I've heard of small portions but this plate is ridiculous  Pose? Moi? Never! 
I presume Mr Juke's agent has cleared this shot, has she?  Hang on. I'm sure I ordered the Doner Kebab with extra chillies 

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