Southwold 2006

Return to Laxfield

Exorcising some spirits

(and possibly some ales too)

Our day in Southwold happens in stages

Let the Squire guide you through its mysteries.

On arriving in Southwold
On being hungry
On introducing newcomers to the Secret Arts
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On finding alternative forms of relaxation
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Other visits to Southwold:

Making amends

A sign of the times
Right! Line up. Kit and hands inspection -  I want no messing about here. 

We have been to Laxfield twice before - in 2000 and (probably) in 2003, although that visit goes unrecorded.

No talking at the back there 
Make sure the drum's muted 

The Low House (or "King's Head", to give it its official title) is an extraordinary institution, retaining much of the interior design and characteristics of a pub as pubs used to be, purveying real ale to real people.
There is also a conveniently wide and quiet-ish area out front for dancing

Is that a telephoto lens or are you just pleased to see me? 
I dropped 2p ... can't anyone help me? 

Baggie Stephens explains:
Yes, the very pub where MMLE were ejected after a certain member of the side could not curb his "Father Jack" tendencies.
The pub is under new and welcoming management.
Behaviour was decorous and dancing superb.

Another perfect day with the Morris.

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Tell me. Have I been here before? 
No names, no pack drill.
I'd walk a million miles for one of your ...

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