Southwold 2006

Welcome to the Mysteries
8 July 2006

Introducing a Newcomer

Our day in Southwold happens in stages

Let the Squire guide you through its mysteries.

On arriving in Southwold
On being hungry
On introducing newcomers to the Secret Arts
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On finding alternative forms of relaxation

Other visits to Southwold:

We've all been through it, honest

It won't hurt ...
Morris is about earth and water 

Visits to Southwold have been used in the past to introduce newcomers to the arcane and esoteric realities of Little Egypt.

Crawfie will tell you all about it.

So it was nothing short of traditional that the 2006 visit should include something similar.

Yet again, Baggie Stephens explains:
The new luncheon location also gave the men an opportunity to initiate one of our Polish guests, Tomas.

Walk this way 
And now my waistcoat won't fasten 

He really believed he was about to be thrown into the harbour, as you'll see from the expression on his face.

Surely not my, 'ow you say, trousies? ... 
Not that as well? 

The remarkable thing is that he hasn't even joined the side yet, although after this he'll have no excuse.

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Look! Real measures! 

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