Southwold 2006

Morris Men who Lunch
8 July 2006

Departing from tradition

Our day in Southwold happens in stages

let the Squire guide you through its mysteries.

On arriving in Southwold
On being hungry
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On introducing newcomers to the Secret Arts
On finding alternative forms of relaxation

Other visits to Southwold:

"I'm a trifle peckish"

I did book the executive lounge ... really
This place'd cost half a million as a beach hut 

Little Egypt, like Southwold, is built on tradition.

But that is not to say that we're afraid of trying something different.
After all, we let Bangs and Tommo join.
So when doubts were expressed about the quality of lunch at the H*rb*ur Inn, people were quite happy to migrate to a comfy shack among the old railway wagons.

Double fronted, too 
In my day they had wheels, not water wings ... 

The change proved to be an instant hit. The natty colours of the serving boxes matched splendidly our colourful garb.

Five quid, and all you get is one measly chip 
Look! Real measures! 

Such was the pleasure of the occasion that many felt it wiser to stay seated for the rest of the afternoon. The sun was a welcome accompaniment to the al fresco feast.

And now my waistcoat won't fasten 
Are there any signs of lfe? 

Bangsy, on the other hand, knew that sitting down was not enough preparation for the efforts which lay ahead.

Yes, but not as we know it 
I think I've found some fish! 

When the meal was finally over, there was also time for a stroll along the river bank.

Where's the pub gone? 

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Another spendid occasion, I feel. Splendid, splendid.

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