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Little Egypt hit the High Spots
8 July 2006

Southwold Again

Or is it Cla'ham-on-Sea?

Our day in Southwold happens in stages

let the Squire guide you through its mysteries.

On arriving in Southwold
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On being hungry
On introducing newcomers to the Secret Arts
On finding alternative forms of relaxation

Other visits to Southwold:

"If this is Southwold,
it must be Adnamsday"

And we will, we will 
Ah! Sole Bay! 

As has been said many times, the Trip to Southwold is one of the highlights of Little Egypt's year.

It is, after all, His Squireship's Homeland.

The 2006 Team comprised a small but very select band of hardened regulars, and a few welcome newcomers.

Southwold is full of lovely pubs, all the best being linked inextricably to the Adnams Brewery.
Little Egypt's 2006 Visit focused, beer-wise, on the Sole Bay Inn, hard against the brewery wall, and the Red Lion.

Why we went 
Follow me! I know a good way to find a pub ... 

It does involve a little walking from venue to venue, but the results are normally worthwhile

... where we will be greeted like members of the family 
Beneath glowering skies
I'm sure it's left leg first ... 

Baggie Stephens has added these notes:
Our 52 seat coach seemed more than spacious as we flew past Bury while driver George regaled us with a joke about old ladies on a pier and a flasher. He'd clearly been a Morris Man in a previous life.
The Sole Bay Inn had a new manager who, despite John Bangs' best efforts, had no idea of the proper procedures when MMLE descends on a pub. i.e. at least one free drink.
That didn't stop us from admiring the lineup of gleaming Adnams pumps at the bar - Best, Regatta, Broadside & Explorer all available simultaneously.
And the dancing was great!

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... but it's definitely left hand first 

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