Stansfield Village Fête

19 August

A moderately pleasant afternoon weatherwise saw Little Egypt venture into the lanes to the north and west of the village, in search of Stansfield. There are rumours of travellers who have gone before on such a quest, never to be seen again, doomed to roam the Finstead Triangle for eternity
or at least until Cleverdon buys a round.
Nothing daunted however, Little Egypt made it through.

And the sun shone on Little Egypt (doesn't it always?)
but during the lengthy break for rest and recuperation (2.30 - 4.30) we retired to the pub

while it hissed down.
The Adnams was nice, as was the Woodfordes until it ran out.

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In the course of the afternoon ...

Anyone for a sausage in a  hankie? 

Pat won a prize in the draw - lunch for two in the form of TWO hot dogs - while Doods, NuNu and Martin C took charge of crowd control.

One of the features of the show was a line up of old vehicles, some of which could match Little Egypt for vintage status.

Neville wished he had a Bristol.....just one.

Other men simply gathered round to admire the intricate system of wires and pullies that keep these other old glories going,

while John Bangs and Doods recalled the good old days gazing at a vintage Triumph and recalling how things used to be ... they think.

Martin, meanwhile considered the practicalities of fitting seatbelts to straw bales.

As part of an ongoing programme of improvements to the repertoire, Little Egypt have worked hard on their synchronised Boddingtons routine.

The audience reaction says a lot about how successful the effort has been.

As far as our dancing

- it was well worth watching.

Perfect coordination,

and exemplary Heys.

Don't take my word for it -

one look at the attentive faces of the audience confirms.

We were glad that the Risk Assessment procedures had been fully implemented, and that the Reserve side was not, thankfully needed on this occasion.

Any moshing and you're out, ok? 
Can't drive that ... where would I fit the sat nav and the espresso machine?  I reckon you're right Bangsy - that IS the engine 
Fine, fine, but I'd swear there used to be somewhere to keep the coal  Now. Where did I leave my Range Rover? 
Remember the pinkies lads - you have to play it posh in Stansfield  They've got class, you know. You can tell by the way they hold their cans. 
Keep 'em up lads  All together now... 
The stepping is the hidden secret of good dancing.  Knuckles! 
Nearly there lads  Keeping time? I have enough trouble keeping cool ... 
Don't nod off - we may well be needed any time now   Am I bothered? Look at MY stick. 

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