Solstice 2006

with friends at Hawkedon Queen's

Little Egypt defy the forces of nature (and gravity) yet again

It seems difficult to believe, at a time when temperature records have been broken regularly, that when we danced the Solstice at Hawkedon on 21 June 2006 it was perishing cold!
Whatever, the usual excellent time was had by all: the Haverhill Harlots, Green Dragon, Westrefelda and ourselves.

Look at my ever-so-carefully erected stick  Sometimes, I think we take ourselves far too seriously ...  Whoever called the first random Hey deserves to be hung up by his bells 
Cold weather gear, in June  What motley crew  Our sticks are bigger than their sticks 
And coats are all a-tatter and faces all a-glow 

Baggie Stephens reports:

"We gathered in Hawkedon on a sunny evening with a strong and chilly breeze to celebrate the Summer Solstice along with Green Dragon, Westrefelda and the Haverhill Harlots.

Pretty Grim were unable at the last minute to come due to injuries!

Excellent ale was quaffed, dancing was done - there's a particularly fine Little Egypt Precision Hey captured in one photo - a virgin was procured and the Straw Man duly burned.

Much like last year really - just colder!"

As with all things Little Egypt, a fine time was had and, as long as people don't read too much into it, traditions and rituals were observed and preserved.

Where spirits of the Green Wood rise 
That's 'Feet OFF the ground, Little Egypt'  Rainbow Warrior - a giant among men, women and children 

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