St George's Day
April 23 2006

Hundon "Rose and Crown"

As befits a Very English Tradition, such as the Morris, St George's Day (known in Little Egypt as the "Saint's Day of Sin Jorg") has come to be celebrated in typical Morris fashion, even though it falls before the traditional beginning of the Dancing Year (May 1)

Why don't we dance this one altogether?

We are no more self-conscious or apologetic about celebrating this day than, say, the Irish on March 17,
the Scots on November 30, or the French on July 14.

This year's celebration took place at Hundon, at the "Rose and Crown". As will be seen, Little Egypt joined with several other sides to acknowledge the day.
Although the weather was not as good as it might have been, the beer was good (Ridleys via Bury St Edmunds, if such a travesty is possible) and the dancing was in keeping with the occasion.

Belchamp and the Harlots  Green Dragon in Rags  Harlots Ahoy 
All the way from Westrefelda  Dancing Precision from Little Egypt  Belchamp let rip 

As can be seen, the combined talents of Westrefelda, Green Dragon, Belchamp, the Harlots from Haverhill, as well as Little Egypt, served the day well.

We need to watch very carefully - we need all the help we can get. ...

So I said to him, no, really, I did, well, I mean ...  OK, OK, if anyone's listening ... 

As always, the orchestral manoeuvres went smoothly and were well attended.

I'm from Essex, me  

Meanwhile some Men of Little Egypt,
who could never be accused of posing, posed.

I suffer for me art I do 
  Whta d'you reckon, Squire?   
At least we're having fun    Well it nearly fits 

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