Developing Traditions

Mumming After Christmas: Plough Monday 2006 in Glemsford

Plough Monday is another of those rural traditions kept alive by the genuine devotees of our national culture.

Goathland in North Yorkshire (since long before the morons got hold of it and planted "Heartbeat" there) and Whittlesey in Cambridgeshire are two places where the tradition lives.
Soon we will be able to claim Glemsford as another.

For two years running, the Morris Men of Little Egypt have celebrated the day with a final (for the season) performance of their Mummers Play, and combined it with a typical evening of Song, Dance, Frivolity and other Japes.
The Angel was again the setting, and an ideal one, for these celebrations.

(In case the Licensing Police are reading this, it was actually a meeting of the Pentlow and Foxearth Glee Club which got a little out of hand. So blame Essex, OK?)

Yet again the photographs demonstrate that a good time was had by all.
I am assured the theatrics were cracking, the music note perfect, the humour scintillating, the dancing in line, the time-keeping immaculate, the chat-up lines impromptu, the repartee legendary and the beer free.

  • Background Music: "The Parting Glass"
  • Prepared by John Renfro Davis
  • Acquired, with thanks, from:

Now this is what I call a real Pub
I'm treasurer and I decide who's paid, OK?  I bet you don't know what I've got under my pinnie ... 
Have you seen what Neville's done? sometimes I don't think they take me seriously enough  
Well, would you, dressed like that? Don't encourage him They call me Mr Smoothy Chops 
If anyone else says I look like Bangs, I'll deck 'im I don't think anyone's listening! 

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