To boldly go ...

Little Egypt at the Pinkuah Arms: 16 June 2006

Now: there's a strange name

A sign of the times

Never content with resting on their laurels, or their palliases, for that matter,
Little Egypt were no sooner back from their successful foray in to the Land of the Cathars and Troubadors,
than they decided to venture into Foreign Parts once more.
16 June saw them updating their vaccinations and venturing into Pentlow, across the Stour, to dance at the uniquely named
Pinkuah Arms
in E**ex.

I used to know why it was called that, but am getting ... forgetful, that's the divot.

Anyone seen the Squire?  A classic evening venue, the Pinkuah stands in some distant lanes of deepest E**ex.
It is easy to get lost on the way, and delays might occur.
Of course, there may be other reasons for delay.
Like getting in and out of a car.
Let me out of here ... 
Time for another before he gets here?  While waiting for the emergency services to effect a release, there was plenty of time to sample the ambience of this typical rural scene.  How does he feel today? Ruff! 
If we don't start soon, I'll need another pint  Some chose to spend the time preparing in the warmth of a perfect summer evening.  Relaxing in the evening sun 
OK I've been released  But, suddenly, all was ready, and with due seriousness and gravitas, the dancing began.  I take this VERY seriously 
Off we go ...WHOOSH!  A classic dance for such a setting is "Banbury Bill"  Altogether lads 
Wave yer hankies!  It is a dance of gentleness and deceptively delicate simplicity.  Circle! 
Put your lights on  Lack of extended daylight is no bar to the efforts of Little Egypt  Swing your partner 
Sticking  and even the orchestra need no illumination to play their full range, including some ad hoc percussion.  Play that cone! 
Where's Alasdair?  However, let no-one be in any doubt that Morris Dancing is a serious business, and accidents will happen.
The innocent victim of some non-standard sticking by our Esteemed Squire, Alas-a-dair writes:
I should just like to record my thanks to all of the "Morris Ladies" who telephoned to enquire after my health after the vicious and unprovoked assault enacted upon my person by some big bloke with a large stick outside a local hostelry last Friday evening. I am recovering slowly with the assistance of a box of Nethergate's finest Suffolk County, though alas I fear that I shall be scarred for life, both physically and mentally.
Health and Safety Video 

The rest, as they say, is silence.

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