Mummer's Play 2006

Little Egypt/Stour Valley Mummers

"The play's the thing wherein we set the trap ...

... to resurrect the King?"

the publicity machine ran at full tilt

Learn about the earlier activities of the Stour Valley/Little Egypt Mummers  

These electronic archives carry details of Mumming activity in Glemsford, associated with the Morris Men of Little Egypt (aka Stour Valley Mummers), dating back as far as 1995 and 1996.

Traditionally, the main performance is at the Black Lion on Boxing Day. Over the years, other performances have taken place both before and after Christmas. In theory, the main shows should occur during the 12 Days of Christmas, but Little Egypt has used its mumming tradition in the run-up to Christmas and, this year, also in conjunction with the first post-Christmas lay tradition associated with Plough Monday or, as in the Little Egypt canon, Plough Sunday.

So it was that Sunday 7 January, 2007, saw The Angel playing excellent host to the assemblage of thespians, barrackers and fans.

Alvin Stardust was shite: I should know 

Observant readers and viewers will note an element of "Modern Dress" pervading this year's manifestation of the ancient art form.
Keith Ruffle's excellent new script retained all the elements of the tradition but, as the Dramatis Personae reveals, included a very modern twist to the tale.

he's well used to it 
He looks a bit dead to me 

Cast List:
Room:  Keith 
Gladys, (the Turkish) Knight:  Dave 
The King aka Elvis):  Neville 
Roadie #1:  Geoff 
Roadie #2:  Maggie 
Prince Boy George:  Tommo 
Dr Hook:  Alasdair 
Lady Madonna:  Hazel (understudied by Julie
Voice of an Angel
(aka Charlotte Church): 

I'm in charge 
I preferred sweeping the streets of New York 

You can probably work out for yourself how the story goes!

At least I didn't have a Kevin Keegan lookalike chucking my chin 
See? I don't have to put up with this    One glass of Lucozade and Buckfast and I'll sort the lot of you'se 
Your weapon's bendier than mine these days, old boy. 

As always seems to happen on these occasions, Good triumphed over Evil, Sir Jukes overacted, Tommo probably threw a rock-god-ish sulk, and a jolly good time was had by all.

He don't look too well 
We're all in this together    Gielgud and Hepburn they're not 
Hear no evil... 

Thanks, as ever, to all who contributed, to our loyal followers and to the hosts at the Black Lion on Boxing Day, and The Angel on Plough Un-Monday.

We'll be back.

Speak no evil ... 
See plenty


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