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12 July 2006

Little Egypt Dance Melford

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Southwold 2006
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One Summer's Evening

There are some admirable conventions to be observed by Morris sides.
One such is that, if a side intends to dance in or near the "home territory" of another side, that side should be informed.
Another is that the side organising an evening's dance always takes precedence in the dancing order.

Skill and precision ... but late. 
What's it worth? 
Ready to go 

Thus it was that Little Egypt were invited to dance with Hageneth in Long Melford.
However, as Baggie Brian points out, sometimes "convention" has to take second place to the needs of the evening:

On a beautiful summer's evening we gathered to await the arrival of Hageneth.
George & Val were already there but as two further members turned up we heard the bad news.
One had forgotten to pick up two other colleagues.
So despite the fact that it was Hageneth's event, Little Egypt had to launch the evening's dancing with - you've guessed it
- Ring O' Bells, Hey Perfect.

Alan and Daniel were then roped in to make up Hageneth's numbers until the two forgotten men had made their own way to Melford.

After that it was full steam ahead and an excellent evening's dancing followed, first at the Geoge and Dragon and then at the Cock and Bell.

Highlights were a double "Getting Upstairs" and a final dance whose name escapes me since it wasn't one that MMLE normally do, but involved just about everyone going round in circles with hankies a little after the style of Banbury Bill.

With many thanks again to the Mill Hill Bunch for the photographs, I think this set sums up another great summer's evening during an unbelievably warm spell of summer weather.

Good company.

Good ale.

Good music.

Good dance.

Good craic.

- and above all -

Good fun.

Above all, thanks to Hageneth for inviting us.

On our way 
Precision sticking  Beer drunk befoer a dance doesn't count 
Better late than never  Before it gets dark 
She sneaked up under cover of darkness  And still they come 
We made it!  Warm for the time of year 
Not me again?  I can hear you but I can't see you 
Take it easy lads  George's shorts are unlicensed 
Tell me. What's it like to be mistaken for Bangs?  They're over there somewhere 
Whose going to ask them if they're dancing? 

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