Little Egypt
May Day 2006

Dancing the Dawn

Wake me up when the fun starts  I never sleep me  Wake me up when the fun stops 
I don't know what they're moaning about 

It has to be said that, however hard they try, sometimes the various elements of the Morris Men of LIttle Egypt never look their best at 4. 30 on May Day Morning.
But do they let this put them off?
Of course not. There's work to be done, dances danced and crops blessed as the New Dawn arrives.

And, of course, in these drought-ridden days of 2006, the need to make sure that the rain will fall almost takes precedence over everything else.

So let's give credit to these valiant dancers and musicians who, on May 1 2006, set out to maintain traditions.

Is it morning yet? 
I can do this with my eyes closed  Did we need these then? No-one said.  It's to hold my head up straight 
It's past my bedtime 

Over the years it has been a rarity that it has rained on our May Day celebrations.
2005 saw some thunder, but this year's downpour was unusual.
Rain, however, would not dampen the spirit that is Little Egypt.

I can't see where he's bl**ding gone. It's dark 

This year, again, it was a real pleasure to dance at the side's spiritual home, Park Farm, thanks to Peter Ford.

They're over there somewhere 

As can be seen, there was an excellent turn out, and all our traditional dances were performed.

Sticking on instruments 

Ring o' Bells concluded just as the sun peeped over the hill - or at least it would have done if we'd been able to see it!

And just to make it even more exciting there was a journalist present to record the scene in his florid prose.

It's a way of keeping warm 
Why? Is it raining?

Naturally, to protect their valuable instruments (and Tommo's ego, no doubt) the Musos were allowed to stay undercover in the barn.

Is it tme yet? 

Lest there should be any doubt, Dawn did break, and as the dancing finished, many happy but tired and damp revellers adjourned to the Black Lion to consume a typically-sumptuous breakfast, and to steam a little.
Another first class day in the annals of the Morris Men of Llittle Egypt.


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