The Horkey
11 November 2006

A little late, perhaps

But appropriate nevertheless

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The Little Egypt Horkey, as has been said many times, is not an attempt to rebuild a tradition which sadly died with the increased mechanisation of our farms.
More, it is intended to be an evocation of the old spirit of the community at Harvest Time.
November is very late for a celebration of the Harvest, if that were all we were trying to do.
But we prefer to see our Horkey as a turning point in our Morris Year - the rounding off, the completion of the Dancing Year that began on May Day.
Seed Time to Harvest.

Is that the time already?
Hang on lads, I think it's a pub 

The Horkey celebration beins with the Dancing of the Bough from Church Green, through the village.

As with most routes in Glemsford, this one ends up near the Black Lion.

Pub Games are an essential part of the English pub tradition: Shove Ha'penny, Darts, Pocket Billiards, and, of course, Electric Wheelchair Racing. Simon is an afficionado.

Sometimes he even gets them to work.

Neville is always keen to demonstrate his skill in such matters,

and amazed Simon with his manual dexterity and speed of thought.

Progressing through the Village the Men received a welcome invitation to Lunch with Biggles

where they were able to practise "Hollering Largesse" and a litle bit of communal singing.

Brian "Baggie" Stephens was, as usual, in charge of deciding who should lead the singing, using his normal gambit of "dipping". Today he used the "One potato..." routine.

When it came to Impossible's turn, he treated the company to a silent rendition of "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot". Words, of course, are sometimes superfluous.

Biggles own contribution reduced the audience to a quivering wreck of admiration.

Sebastian was speechless.

Further down the road, at the Angel, the Dancing of the Bough came to a reflective and contemplative conclusion.

All were obviously moved by the occasion..

Simon and Impossible enjoyed a last gasp cgar before they are forever banned,

and the light-hearted banter continued outside.

But then the party dispersed to prepare for the evening of celebration in the Village Hall.

Ever conscious of the need for vigilance, under-age drinkers were turned away at the door, but a few got through.

People came from as far away as Newcastle, Harpenden, Salisbury and Cavendish to enjoy the evening.

The Horkey Band was on fine form, and in good numbers.

And the willing audience made sure another Horkey went off in fine style.

This one could run and run 
I work at the cutting edge of technology you know.  I never had this problem with my Hornby Train Set 
But don't you see, Simon, there IS nowhere to wind them up ...  See? It's this wonderful new thing called Electric. 
Air piano! That's it! My favourite  Mine says 'I promise to buy the beer'; what about yours Biggles? 
Seven potato, more ...  Coming, 4, 2 - actions only 
Mind the flock lads!  I'll let Sebastian have a drink before I eat 
I run this village, you know. Just call me Sir, or Mayor. Right?  Yeah? Well you don't impress me. ... 
I run the craps game on the Felixstowe ferry  And you owe me fifty for the last game of Happy Families 
I'm not telling you again: we don't serve Special brew and we don't accept Social Security milk vouchers  Just don't ask, ok? 
We're here to review the gig for Metro  And we're here to review the crowd for Hello magazine 
Good Evening! We are the Pets Ceilidh Band  With Adolf Hitler on Vibes 
When all at once I saw a crowd  Having a jolly good time. 

As always, Little Egypt are indebted to everyone - too many to name individually - who worked so hard to make the day and evening such a success.
Thank you!

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