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Through the generosity and organisational skills of Maureen and John Taylor, the side's ex-pats in the area, we were able to enjoy a wonderful lunch and lunchtime at the Domaine de St George.

It seems appropriate, at this stage, to introduce the first of several proverbs from the Occitan tradition:
(collected with thanks from this brilliant website:

"Fenno que manjo pas debant bous, darrè que manjo mès qe dous."
A woman who does not eat in front of you eats twice as much in secret.

Vers Limoux    L'arriere 
The surrounding countryside speaks for itself. The views in each direction are superb, and the small scale views are just as interesting.
We were fascinated, for instance, by the habit of planting roses at the end of every row of vines.
Still Life    Dejeuner sur l'herbe 
Just as the surroundings were idyllic, so the lunch that was provided fitted the setting exactly.
Both food and drink were delightful, and arrived in large quantities.
Although it was a little breezy, we were more than content to take our ease on the grass, under the trees or on the patio. 
What?    More wine, madam 
Needless to say, everyone quickly slipped into the appropriate mood for the occasion.
Some slipped further than others. 
All mine!    Not quite, matey 
Inevitably, it wasn't long before music was drifting contentedly across the lunchtime, and once the music starts in Little Egypt, the dancing is sure to follow.
And so it did. 
I'll take the weight lads    Lines! 
We proved once again that all that is needed is an area of reasonably flat ground, some rough hazel branches, and some music.
No formal kit, no bells were needed.
John and Maureen's neighbours thoroughly enjoyed the spontaneity of it all. 
Is that how it's done?    Mind me 'ead 
The general going ahead involved several dances, some impromptu musical renditions from the New Horkey Band (aka The Little Egypt Ensemble), not to mention a brilliant al fresco performance of "Pleasant and Delightful".
It was really good to have Founder Fred with us. 
Watch the speed    Rock God - Dog Rock 
Yet again,Little Egypt astounded the watching world with the versatility of the instrumentation and the ability to adapt and improvise.
Doo dah doo dah day.
See?    Cool! 
All in all, it was a brilliant way to start the tour.
And the old saying sums it all up:
Per èstre urous, n' ès que de s'en creire.
"To be happy, it is enough to think you are."

There was still an evening to come.  

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