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In 1209, Pope Innocent III preached the Crusade which led to the bloody massacre of hundreds of thousands of Cathars in the Languedoc region of what is now France, for no reason other than that their view of the Christian faith did not match that of Rome.

In 2006, for no reason other than one of our side lives there, and it's a hell of a nice area, Squire Far-from-Innocent Parry XIV preached Little Egypt's First Crusade to Plodland.
So it was that, between 1 and 4 June, this part of the Languedoc echoed to the sounds of Little Egypt.
And what a momentous few days it turned out to be.

On arrive a Carcassonne    I shall say this several times ... 
The bulk of the party arrived at Carcassonne Airport on Thursday morning, having left Glemsford at a time known normally only to milkman and late customers at The Cock.
Other party members had driven south a little earlier, and so were able to greet the newcomers in appropriate fashion.
As always on such occasions, Neville made a speech.
Time to drink, shurely?    Well, shometime, shoon, please. 
The first organised "gig" was a visit to a wine cellar.
Well, what else would you expect?
After a short sojourn in the warm morning sun, we waited eagerly for the tour to begin.
The cellars in question were those of "Le Sieur d'Arques", famous for the production of the Cremant de Limoux.
Limoux is the nearest town to chez Plod.
'Allo 'Allo    Having a great time 
Right from the start it was clear how intent we all were on
a) having a great time and
b) fostering further the Entente Cordiale.
And after a very pleasant introduction to the region, we adjourned up the road a short distance for lunch and beyond. 

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