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Dos fennos: un mercat. Tres: une fičiro.
Two women: a market. Three: a fair.

Our itinerary for Saturday again had three elements.
Two involved visits to the vibrant heart of southern French life - the market, while the third focused on the place for which this area has become notorious in recent times.

Inevitably, one or two found it necessary to adopt the recovery position on the bus, doubtless summoning up the energy fully to enjoy the colour and spectacle of Revel market.
Wake me up when we get to some wine.
Butter wouldn't melt    The market at Revel 
Light and colour and shade    Colour and more colour 
And full of colour and spectacle it certainly was. The sun shone, the stalls were brimming with all manner of fresh produce - vegetables, fruit, bread, cheeses, meat and sausages - everything you would expect in such a classic setting.
make room!    Precision 
Trying carefully to avoid upsetting the stallholders, we found a space immediately in front of one of the cheese stalls.
The owner was happy for us to dance there.
Limited sticking space    I think they can hear us 
The moment the Band struck up, we attracted attention and a crowd gathered round.
Feet off the ground    The New Horkey Band 
And it is no exaggeration to say that we were greeted with genuine enthusiasm and excitement.
Strains of distant airs    No competition 
Given the temperature, it was deemed wise to restrict our dancing to a few at a time. The crowds of people also militated against spending too long in any one spot.
Serendipitously, as it turned out, our final dance coincided with the sound of a traditional French brass band wafting across the market place.
Not the Horkey Band    Is that one of our hats? 
The juxtaposition of the two forms of popular music could not have been better expressed in words.
A shaded viewpoint    Time for refreshment 
Another bonus was the presentation of free drink vouchers from a local bar owner - all in all, a very successful gig.
Pat even found time to "lay down the gauntlet"
I challenge you
- the outcome of the duel is not recorded.
We even got back to the coach on time, and headed off for Mirepoix, and lunch.

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