The Morris Men of Little Egypt

Squire's Guide to Correct Dancing Attire

The Men of Little Egypt have adopted two very nice kits (this is normally referred to by the Men as a “lovely pair of kits”).

The Cotswold Kit is traditionally worn from sunrise on 1st May through to the date of the Horkey festivities – normally October. As an exception Cotswold Kit is also worn on Boxing Day.

The Horkey Kit is first worn on the day of the Horkey celebrations and through to the last day of April in the following year. The kit is meant to represent agricultural workers attire from the 19th century.

The Kits comprise the following attire and shall not be varied.

Cotswold Kit (Whites) :

The Horkey Kit:

Musicians should follow the spirit of the above attire, but rag or tatter coats, claw-hammer jackets etc etc are permissible.

The above description of Little Egypt`s “lovely pair of Kits” shall be taken as the definitive dress code of the side and may only be varied following a thorough and democratic process or on the whim and fancy of The Squire.

Kit inspections may be called by the Squire at any venue and at any time. Any Man found to be wearing inadequate or inappropriate kit may be asked to pay a forfeit or penalty to be determined by the officers of the side. This will usually involve Beer.

Issued and to be deemed effective in perpetuity this 7th day of March 2006 (following a barracking at the last AGM).

SQUIRE PARRY of Little Egypt.

(E & OE)

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