Boxing Day 2006:
The Squire's Summons is answered

"To the nation and the world..."

In his eagerly awaited Email to the World, issued to coincide with the Christmas festivities, Squire Parry of Parry issued this challenge to the Men of Little Egypt, in preparation for the Annual Celebration of Boxing Day:

"We need to ensure that we have adequate internal protection from the cold air that is forecast over Christmas, so there will be the usual festive cheer and, of course, a few toasts to absent friends."

And, as can be seen, the Men of Little Egypt are ever-keen to respond to such a challenge.

And for those who missed them:

I'm a little teapot 
Come In! Come In! 

Neville as always proved a generous and welcoming host, providing all sorts of libations and trucklements.
And it was excellent to see Founder Fred at the event. After all, he has to take some of the blame for this.

It's all my fault, you know 
And I was pretty guilty too 

Equally gratifying was the attendance of John Aldous, the side's first Dance Master (so he takes some blame too) and, of course, Doods made his annual pilgrimage from his Mayoral residence in South Glemsford.

What day did you say it was? 

Bob Farmer may soon qualify for Dorian Gray status in the side.
He, Doods and Neville now count as some of the oldest original members still active.
Sir Bangs nearly fits that description, but he joined after the first flush of enthusiasm. It is worth recording that, after nearly 14 years, Bangsy at last qualifies for membership in the grounds of residence alone.

They call it 'Thatcher's Hands' you know 
Grey? What do you mean? Grey?  

Sir Jukes remains in Nearly Norfolk, so has not emulated Bangsy's residential status, yet, but, as ever, he brings a certain air of elan and gravitas to proceedings.
Tommo, however, prefers to concentrate on the authenticity of the art-form, believing that appearances are deceptive, as is the strength of l*ger.

It's ok. It tastes like nothing on earth too, m'dear. 
Good morning, world. 

John-Nunu can be relied upon to add to the humour of any MMLE occasion, and Maggie is a vital and creative elemnt on the musical and dramatic side of the Side.

I can do this with my eyes closed 
Richard Thompson? Who's he?

Although Black Coats are not a stipulated part of the Little Egypt dress code, in the sort of weather Glemsford sometimes experiences at Christmas, many members proved the wisdom of their forethought this year. Pat seems to have let himself down with his headgear and may have to answer to the Lodge for that, but Ruth's gloved hands were a sensible precaution against"bellow freeze".

I see Tommo's copying my attire again
Gallic shrug? Moi? Pfooft!
John "Le Plod" Taylor was another welcome arrival, leaving the harsher climes of the south of France for the Suffolk Zephyrs and attempting to repeat his triumph in the Irish Lecherous Vicar Look-alike competition of 2003.
Alas-a-dair was obviously very pleased to see him: in fact, he was glad to see everybody!
Well, hi there!
I still reckon the beer's better over the road

Part of the Hospitality Squad at the Black Lion, Ian Ward likes to keep a check on the quality of the ale at the Shunters' Arms - as do we all.
Keith, on the other hand, preferred to reserve his place in the limelight for the later first performance of a stunning new Mumming script (of which more later).

No, honest, I'm just trying to keep this wall upright.
Jester song at twilight

Alan and Greg both surpassed themselves in their contribution to proceedings.
Alan went out of his way to maintain his Own Tradittion of Dressing Colourfully.
Greg meanwhile, anxious to avoid further comparisons with Sir Bangs, was more than happy to focus on extravagance in the hat department.

And now, my All-England Prize Winning Gurning performance ...
In all honesty, I suspect a straight line's a bit beyond me

Graham took it upon himself to act as bouncer ("front entry protection agent") for the Shunters, much to Neville's relief.

And last but not least (for this set of photos) it is excellent to record the first Boxing Day appearance of Terry the Fiddler who, although a little bemused by the antics, promises to make a significant contribution to the future of Little Egypt.

Welcome Terry.

and apologies to any who have been omitted from this record - if you've got the photos, let me have them.

What have I let myself in for?


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