"They're passionate, they're fiery"

Joys and sorrows, passion and pain

Boxing Day 2006 saw the third year of swirling skirts, dazzling colours and pounding rhythms outside the Black Lion.
Three years running surely qualifies as a tradition in the best style of Little Egypt.

Jackie Coote's lively band took to the boards after the Morris and, as Jackie says, "enjoyed ourselves, and so did the punters, if the comments we received are anything to go by".

Since their earliest (recorded) performance on Boxing Day 2004, Little Spain (should that be Little Andalusia, or even Andalucia?) have gone from strength to strength.

"The group is really finding it's feet now, and over the past year we've done several shows for charity. We also performed at the Glemsford Fun Day in July. "
It was the Fun Day that provoked the Free Press article.

Never to be out done by the Morris Men's determination to spread the name of Glemsford in foreign fields, Jackie and her "team" (what is the collective name for a group of flamenco dancers?) "decided to take ourselves off to Granada - one of the main sources of flamenco (Glemsford, of course, being another!) in November for a long weekend. [They'd] booked a show where the girls could see the real thing, danced by gypsy families in the caves in Granada. It was stirring stuff, and we all loved it - and picked up a few tips! We also bought up Granada's supply of flamenco gear - skirts, shoes, flowers, shawls - and a belly dancing outfit! (Don't ask). "

And here, with all the colour and vivacity that such an occasion can provoke, are the 2006 pictures of Little Spain in full flight.

Wonderful stuff!

And by the way, anybody, men or women who would like to learn flamenco can contact Jackie on 01787 282815.


No, not yet another sparkling review for Your Favourite Morris Dancers, but the words of the Suffolk Free Press earlier in 2006 when they published a glowing description of Glemsford's own Flamenco dancers: "Little Spain".

You can read the whole thing in the Archive Pages of the newspaper.



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