Little Egypt at Bardwell: 14 May 2006

Supporting the Windmill Restoration Project

In all its glory

It was in 1998, at the suggestion of Mark Mikurenda, that Little Egypt first danced to support the Restoration Project for Bardwell's fine windmill.
The mill had been badly damaged in the hurricane of 1987, and its restorers needed help.
And, anyway, its a fine place to dance.
So we've been back, several times.

Little Egypt being a Morris side, there is nothing unusual in the statement: "We foregathered at a relevant hostelry". Other, of course, than that it is a ridiculously pompous thing to say.

"We met in a pub", albeit a statement of the glaringly obvious, is much more like Little Egypt.

S0 ... the "Dun Cow" it was.

And, in the light of the Squire's Recent Edicts, a fine array of Morris Kit was on display.
The Squire himself wasn't.
Possibly, given as he is to the occasional apopleptic tirade against Horlicks drinkers, shirkers, malingerers, dress-code violators and such-like, it was
Kit code? What Kit Code?
Just As Well.

On the next page, you can see the dancing, and one or two other "events", at the "Dun Cow".

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