Steeped in History

When did you ever see Little Egypt like this ...

One step closer and I pour ...
... or like this?...

My Mercedes Broke down so I bought this from some Gippo

The ceaseless quest to document Litle Egypt's history is throwing up all sorts of mysterious and idiosyncratic snippets from the past. Even the 1990s seem shrouded in mists and myths.

Newcomers to the site and side may have absolutely no idea what is going on in this set.

Those with memories will recall Doods arriving at the Black Lion by Pony Express in the very early days ( before he could afford a Merc). It was in the very earliest days of the second Incarnation - the neck-scarf colours are a give away.

The other photos will confuse all who were not there.
The venue is Stanstead Club.
The year is 1997.
The occasion was to say "Farewell!" to the Phantom Fiddler, aka Alex Clarke, before her departure to Suzhou, the People's Republic of China.

It was a surprise party.
Alex thopught she was comingt oa theory practice.
Fancy dress was worn
Presentations - master-minded by Nev, of course.
It was a grand evening.

Oh yes. She came back safely, too.

I've seen sweatshirts in Shangahi 
Your prawn balls are showing 
Take this in remembrance of me 
Call me grasshopper one more time and see what you get 

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