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August 2006

The Angel: 30.08.00 NLE

That's to say:
Day 240 of the New Licensing Era

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Trying desperately to catch up on events in Glemsford - my excuse has been the need to scrape some pocket money together from marking exams - I must apologise for the lateness of this account of another Musical Extravaganza at the Angel at the beginning of June.

I am also most grateful to Darth Porter for contributing these, his thoughts on the Event.

Mind you, even his copy was late getting to me. Apparently L*ng M*lford has only just got the telephone (or some such similar excuse).

We believe you, we believe you.

... All in all a cracking afternoon. ...

3 June saw the Angel play host to the annual 'Kevin's birthday and anniversary of the tenancy' bash. On a glorious sunshiney day, a good crowd assembled for the now-traditional all day barbecue and p*** up and outdoor-band-watching.

First band up was The Fallen (who have their own website), fast becoming Angel 'house' band. Giving a debut to new singer Andy, they proceeded to belt out a cracking first set of rock, metal and blues covers; given the fact that they'd had very little previous rehearsal time they were as good as I'd seen them before (Ben disagrees with me on this one, but then I'm not a musician and was drinking so I didn't hear any mistakes they may have made).

A short interval followed and then the stage was taken by The World On Fire.

These lads had made a cameo appearance at Steve Laz's xxth birthday bash last year, but this time round they played a full set. Like The Fallen, TWOF played a set of rock covers but coming from a more punk and glam angle than the Fallen's Blues rock, as evidenced by their opening with MC5's 'Kick Out The Jams'(minus sweary spoken word intro).

More intervally goodness and barbecue time followed.
Then it was time for The Fallen to take the stage again.

A lot tighter and more relaxed this time around (time to sink a few pints?), they went about their set in classic fashion with your correspondent's favourite Fallen number, their cover of 'Boys of Summer' getting a thorough airing.

All in all a cracking afternoon. Porcus Rex 'headlined' the day but sadly I missed that due to work commitments the following day.

Further to my comment on the previous page, Darth (or Princess Porter as he apparently wishes to be known) tells me:

"Alan had a stag day on Saturday 22 July: they started in civilised manner, playing a round at Clare g**f course followed by the more traditional stag pursuits of getting P***ed."

How wise to allow a fortnight for the hangover to clear,
although, as regular readers know, I question the "civilised" nature of golf.
Just another way of ruining good countryside if you ask me.
But then, people rarely do.
Ho hum.

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