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Angel News

April 2006

The Angel: 03.05.00 NLE

That's to say:
Day 121 of the New Licensing Era


Forthcoming Events at
The Angel

April 22:
Live Music with "Spotty Dogz"
- Rock covers band

May 6:
the Next Grand Quiz:
starts 9 p.m.


Opening Hours at
The Angel

Daily: until midnight,
with hour drinking up

Friday and Saturday: until 1 a.m.,
with hour drinking up


Sad News

At an entirely personal level, I was very sad to receive news of the death of Fred Housego, on Monday 3 April 2006.
Apart from being a stalwart of Angel (and Cock) darts teams over the years, he was also the man to whom we used to turn for decorating jobs to be done, both for ourselves and for my parents when they lived in the village. He was one of those people who just got on with the job.
On top of that, he was also a gentleman of South London. Albeit from Mitcham, and a QPR fan - well, nobody's perfect, he nevertheless shared my affection for that neck of the homeland.
Our deepest sympathies are with the whole family.
May the circle be unbroken.

Happier News

I don't normally deal with news about L*ng M*lford, reckoning that, with the Council Tax on all those bijou establishmentettes and posh Antiques emporia (note the Latin plural), they can well look after themselves.

However, I suppose, since they've granted asylum status to Neil and Lisa I can justify my inclusion of this snippet.

Back in the good old days, when Gr**ne K*ing cared more about the paying customer and less about the closure of breweries and even less about believing that Old Speckled Hen can be brewed in Bury St Edmunds, back in those days, the severest test of the Angel Quiz Team (and normally the most enjoyable occasion) came with our two matches against the M*lford Swan.
I wouldn't go so far as to say that the Swan challenges the Angel in atmosphere and architecture, but it was always a real pub, with real people behind the bar, a friendly atmosphere and good beer.

So I was delighted to receive (via a circuitous route which I won't trouble you with here) the belated but welcome news that the Swan has been taken over by a group of locals and regulars.

Having witnessed a similar operation many years ago now (The "Jolly Farmer", in Cookham Dean, Berkshire) I think this is brilliant news, and the venture, so far, seems to be a success. Although still part of the Evil Empire based in Bury, the Swan is being looked after by people with a real feeling for its place and its future. I wish them a lot of good fortune.

If you're passing through M*lford on the way back from buying that last pack of Victoriana-lookalike tiles or your latest set of Le Creuset pans, give the Swan a go: they also have a web site.

Latest Quiz Success at The Angel

I suppose the Grey Men of Bury, who stopped the quiz league, would claim that the success of The Angel's Independent Quiz Evenings vindicates their actions by showing that, in the best (?!?) Thatcherite tradition, forcing people to stand on their own feet can result in progress.
Pah and Phooey, I say, but it can't be denied that the April quiz was just as much of a success as the others.

The Landlord reports:

"The evening was well attended with 39 people taking part (this time we had enough chairs for everyone).

I'll start with the beer round! (Now that is a good idea! Ed.)

The 4 P's are not doing too well in this round, which is concerning, especially when you think of the record in the GK quiz league under your supervision, Steve.
(I take neither credit, nor blame, nor make any comment. Ed)
They came 5th with 29 points out of a possible 42. (But, I say, that is particularly poor. Ed)

In 4th spot was WHERE'S TONY? with 32 points.
They might have pulled an extra 6 points out of the bag if Tony had turned up, to win.
Better luck next time! (Now I wonder exactly which Tony that might be. Ed)

In joint 2nd place with 34 points were T=MD4 and BLOODY FOREIGNERS (as in Whipper Snapper [aka Darth Porter] and Lisa).
Fair play only two short of a full team and no free drink.
(Serves Porter right: he never replies to my mails these days, ever since he forgot his roots, got posh, and went to M*lford. Ed)
As for T=MD4 well done! - always up in the running for the free beer. Unlucky.

In 1st place and FREE BEER! were SIMPLE MINDS with 37 points - well done again!
I'm going to have to change the format slightly to give the others a chance.

Now to the main event!

In 4th place, with 33 points out of 50 were last months winners: the 4 P's lost most of their points in the FILM & TV round again.

In joint 2nd place with a very respectable 36 out of 50 were SIMPLE MINDS and WHERE'S TONY?
Simple Minds lost their valuable points in the Current Affairs round, and the boys lost their valuable points in Books, and because TONY didn't turn up. ( Oh! That Tony. Ed)

The IMAGINARY WOODEN SPOON went to B J T with a not-too-shabby 23 out of 50 - better luck next time!

The GRAND QUIZ WINNERS this time with 41 out of 50 were THE ANGEL & THE GAMBLERS (Pat, Pauline, Sue and Steve) - well done! They did struggle in FILMS & TV and the SPORTS round, which is food for thought for the other teams.

Well that's it until the next quiz on the May 6.
May I thank everyone for their support in making The Angel Quiz Nights what they have become -

You may indeed, Kevin, and thanks for the report, and, most of all, thanks to you for arranging the evening.

Never let it be said, however, that I let slip a chance to highlight

A little controversy

I have received this further communication from an unnamed source - at least, I think they want to remain anonymous - isn't that right, Porous and Pauline?

They write:
... we would just like it be known that Mr L'Estrange is becoming a very, very strict Quizmaster indeed!
For instance, he would only allow half a point for answering Tim Lawrence as the husband of Princess Anne. The correct answer was Timothy Lawrence.
Another question was: "In computer terminology, what does CGI stand for?"
Some of us answered: Computer Generated Images and scored 'nul points' because it should have been Imagery.

Of course, the question master's decision is final ...

It is indeed, but I think the FA's dodgy goals panel might have something to say about it. Perhaps Paddy Ashdown might be asked to mediate.

Once again, many and genuine thanks to my contributors.

Don't forget, anybody can submit News by mailing me - and there's oodles of space to publish it.

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