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April 2006

The Angel: 20.05.00 NLE

That's to say:
Day 138 of the New Licensing Era

Special Edition:
Spotty Dogz
Rock the Rafters
Batter the Beams


Forthcoming Events at
The Angel

May 6:
the Next Grand Quiz:
starts 9 p.m.


Opening Hours at
The Angel

Daily: until midnight,
with hour drinking up

Friday and Saturday: until 1 a.m.,
with hour drinking up


The Angel pages have taken a variety of forms and content over the years, including reviews of events organised for the customers.
I am always particularly grateful to receive such material, and this example could challenge the best on offer among the celeb. and mejur watchers of (what used to be) the Street of Shame.
This has arrived hot foot from PC, aka Mrs Porous

Glemsford's Pastoral Symphony

Mr Porous and I were attracted to Glemsford nearly four years ago, due to stumbling across your excellent web-site, and being intrigued by tales of this diverse and colourful village, the 'hub' of which appeared to centre on the "The Angel" pub, Egremont Street.

Glemsford, and "The Angel", have never disappointed us, and on the night of Saturday, 22nd April, Oh! How Glemsford rocked!! In years to come, I can be proud to say: "I was there!"

The "Spotty Dogz" gave a performance second-to-none. This was of course not Hector and Henry, the resident dalmatians, who had been given the evening off, as Henry was nursing an injured paw, due to defending the car-park when Rocky the Rottweiller wandered in.

The "Spotty Dogz" were: Geoff Slater, Ben Gardner, Steve Gardner, (no relation) and Joe Lazarus on drums. They gave us three fantastic hours from their 30+ repertoire of rock legends, including "Freebird" (twice), and IRON MAIDEN'S "Run To the Hills". Rumour has it that a certain Mr H. was present in the audience, and I hope he enjoyed the cover versions of his songs as much as we did!

The "Spotty Dogz" are not a regular line-up, but in my humble opinion, they flippin' well should be! They are all talented, and fantastic together. Young Joe Lazarus (17, I think) on the drums, I predict has a great musical career ahead of him. 'Thank You' to all of them for giving us so much pleasure on Saturday night.

Finally, in the aftermath of Saturday, as 'Silly Me' had stood about 3 inches away from a speaker, I'm pleased to s ay that the damage to my ears doesn't seem to be permanent after all, and the 'hissing' has begun to subside. Also, I'd like to thank Ben Gardner for the loan of his "Iron Maiden" tee-shirt. I'm very sorry that, in my ignorance, I wore it back to front, and hope that you WILL be able to iron out the bumps, and wear it in the future without looking like The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

APRIL, 2006

Brittany Spares

On a totally different note (geddit?), I was delighted to receive news from La Bouche du Cheval, as it were, that fellow-Glemsford-and-Angel Exile, M'sieur Robert Chilwell, is still alive and kicking in the depths of Interior Brittany, and is in the B&B Business, offering quality hospitality to all, sundry and probably a few Angel regulars as well. He has a few dates left this year, but you'll have to move fast.
You will find links dotted about this site, and I hope regular readers will be encouraged to follow the link, and think about visiting the old sot gentleman in his Gallic Fastness.

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