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Angel News

March 2006

With important news for Lifeboat Crew Members

The Angel: 17.04.00 NLE

That's to say:
Day 105 of the New Licensing Era


Forthcoming Events at
The Angel

April 1:
the Next Grand Quiz:
starts 9 p.m.

April 22:
Live Music with "Spotty Dogz"
- Rock covers band


Opening Hours at
The Angel

Daily: until midnight,
with hour drinking up

Friday and Saturday: until 1 a.m.,
with hour drinking up


When did Accountants ever do anything for Real People?

Still cocking a snook at the Powers-that-won't-be-for-much-longer, who dared withdraw management support from the old Sunday Quiz League, and who think that Gr**ne King can get away with pretending that Ruddles and Morlands are anything like the original real thing, the Angel Quiz nights go from strength to stronger.

The latest event took place on March 4.

The Landlord reports:

The quiz gets bigger and more popular each month.
We had 47 take part, making up 13 teams.
(I'm surprised there was room for everybody! Ed).

The losing team (they were called the "4 Amigos") still managed to get a respectable 26 out of 50, .

In best Eurovision fashion, in reverse order of results, third equal were T=MD4 and THE BETTER HALVES, with 38 out of 50.

Both teams lost most of their points in the TV and FILM section.

In second place were - no - Not-The-Plumbs -
it was DOES GREY MATTER, with a whopping total of 40 out of 50 (they lost valuable points in the MUSIC round)
(not enough questions on Nat King Cole and Count McCormack, obviously Ed).

And in FIRST place:

Yes, this time it was, at long last, after coming second for the last three quizzes, the 4 P's, consisting of Paddy, Robert, Steve and Steve H., with a massive 42 out of 50.

Their worst round was the TV & FILM round; their best round was CURRENT AFFAIRS, in which they answered all ten questions correctly (well done!)

BUT - they missed out on the "BEER ROUND" by only 1 point. By a reversal of fortune, they were pipped at the post by DOES GREY MATTER, who scored 27 out of 32.

Thank you, Kevin, for the match report.

Other News:

A couple of weeks back, we were able to play a fleeting visit to Glemsford, courtesy of Mr easyJet and Mr and Mrs Porous, to each of whom many thanks.
No visit would have been complete without a pint or several in the Old Place, and I am pleased to report few changes there.
The ale was on good form, despite my having to wince even more at the way that the New Watneys are trying to pass off beers and ales from now-defunct breweries as if nothing had changed.
Only the water, the barley, the hops and the production methods, but never mind, eh?

Paula and the Pub were on good form. That nice Mr Orton was there, and we were able to commiserate with him over the state of English rugby, and Sid Watkinson stayed for a jolly chat too, after the History Society meeting.
No sign of Mother but, hey, he needs his beauty sleep, after all. And Kevin had heard we were coming, too, and decided he was washing his hair, or cleaning his toenails, or having an "early night", or something.

Only joking Kevin ...

Fuller details of our visit and the village as we found it appear elsewhere.


I am slightly embarrassed to mention this, but some of you will recall that, back in 2002, we "launched" IGIRLS - the Independent Glemsford Inshore Rescue Lifeboat Service, details of which may be found here

At the time, we were rather worried about the effect that Global Warming would have on the surrounding countryside, and felt that Glemsford should take pre-emptive protective measures to ensure the survival of the people of this fair village.

Some people seem not to have taken it seriously, but I have to bring the attached to your attention, and hope that you will act accordingly, whether as signed up members of the Crew, or simply as supporters of a hugely worthwhile operation.

This arrived in e-mail form:

Hi all at Glemsford Lifeboat,
I’d like to invite you to join our website and message forum at
Independent Lifeboats UK was set up to help bring together Independent Lifeboat Services from all around the UK and to make public awareness of these services greater.
I would be grateful if you could pass the details of this website to your crew and members.
Hope to hear from you soon.
Steve - Admin

I will, of course, reply on our behalf, but I am sure all crew members and supporters will acknowledge the importance of this work, particularly as several of the boats in question are based around East Anglia.

Over to you.

Once again, many and genuine thanks to my contributors.

Don't forget, anybody can submit News by mailing me - and there's oodles of space to publish it.

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