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Angel News

January 2006


The Angel: 16.02.00 NLE

That's to say:
Day Forty Seven of the New Licensing Era

Forthcoming Events at
The Angel

February 4: the Next Grand Quiz:
starts 9 p.m.


New Opening Hours at
The Angel

Daily: until midnight,
with hour drinking up

Friday and Saturday: until 1 a.m.,
with hour drinking up


Gr**ne K*ng won't fork out for a Quiz League? Who cares?
We'll do our own.

Following the accountant-led decision by the 2000's version of Watneys (and where are they today?) to pull out of the Quiz business, regulars at The Angel continued to fly in the face of Market Forces by holding their second "in house" Quiz on January 7.

Kevin L'Estrange reports:

Well: the general consensus was the quiz was f@*?$@g hard!
When you consider the winning team could only answer 25 out of 50 questions, I think they may have a point.

But we had a great turnout, seven teams, totalling 27 people.

The winning team - "THEM & HER" - travelled all the way from the Black Lion; they scored 25 and took the money.

Second (again) were the 3 P's with 17 points.
we had a tie for third place. they were T=MD4 and STAR with 17 points
fifth place went to the team "NO NAME" with 16 points
sixth place went to W*@?ING AMONGST FRIENDS (their spelling) with 16 points
and if we had a wooden spoon to give out it would have gone to THE ALLSORTS with 11 points. Better luck next time.

Well, this was a different story with the winning team getting 31 out of 32 - wow!
They had 32 pictures of celebrities old and new to identify, and they were unlucky not to get them all right, as the one they got wrong was Caprice because there were two pictures of Caprice in this round but different angle.
They were T=MD4.

The next quiz is on Saturday 4th. February starting 9 p.m.
This time, after consorting with the company that supply my quizzes,
they have agreed to make special ones for us that hopefully prove to be a little easier than the last.

Thanks, Kev.

I must emphasise that, just in case the Thought Police are about, references to the business practices of Messrs Gr**ne K*ing are purely my own, are undoubtedly subjective and based only on the impression gained from their buying up and then closing so many other breweries.
Like I said, whatever happened to Watneys, the last lot to try this?

Other news filters through, but gently.
The festive season seems to have passed in traditional fashion, with Sanity Clause passing by early and often, and January 1 being greeted by the first verse of Auld Lang Syne repeated
ad infinitem et nauseam.
I receive veiled tales of fairies been seen about the village on New Year's Morn (v. early) but have no supporting (more importantly, sober) evidence of same.

Darth Porter is reported in Melford, but has failed to make contact recently.
Probably can't find the new pages on his ZX80, I suspect.
There was even a story of his having been seen jogging.
Beestons fares must have gone up again.

Many and genuine thanks to my contributors.

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