It Came About At Midnight, Clear

That Glorious Song of Old

I am, as ever, in the debt of Brian "Baggie" Stephens, for the notes which accompany this fearless exposť of the Little Egypt Admission Process.
Let's face it,

if "Lord of the Flies" had been like this, Golding would never have won the Nobel Prize.

Two "new" boys, Greg and "Simon" had to undergo the admission test.

It was on the lines of the "Pick Up Song" round in "I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue" where music is played, the contestant has to sing along, then the music stops but the singing continues.
When the music comes back, the contestant's musical timekeeping is severely tested.
If he is within a Gnat's Crotchet of the original, he wins.


Each acquitted himself well, despite wearing one of Julie's stock of male incontinence pants.

Greg makes the grade  Simon ditto 

There was a quiz featuring Geoff, Trevor and Doods which was "won" by Trevor - his prize another of Julie's museum of horrors exhibits - a vintage version of viagra, a vacuum-assisted "erection" device.
Note Mary's keen interest.

Note the caption  Living up to my name 
I shall treasure this Not half as much as I will

Age shall not weary them, but, let it be said, some Men of Little Egypt are beginning to wear - ahem - a little thin.

You may want to join in the Spot the Bald competition. Identify the Baldy and email your answers to this address.



And finally: a few more vignettes of another successful evening.
Many thanks to the organisers and movers and shakers.


We can't go on meeting like this.

Is that a telephoto lens or are you just pleased to see me?  I'm a Rock God, see? 

Are you from Hello magazine?


Who knows? Next year Black Tie may be compulsory, and we may have to sing the National Anthem seriously.
After all, that's what Morris Dancers used to do, isn't it?


Or maybe not.

He's my best mate