"Bow the Decks and Haul the Holly..."

"... tra la la la la, la la la la"

As mentioned before - in fact, as mentioned in EVERY report - Little Egypt have always known how to


Little Egypt has also always been very good at establishing traditions.
For most of the Side's existence, Christmas has been a time to have a jolly good knees up, mainly, of course, on Boxing Day, but also on the occasion of the Christmas Dinner.

The 2005 Dinner was another huge success. Masterminded, as before, by the inestimable Martin Cleverdon - he who has so much common sense, he always keeps his feet on the ground - the event took place this year on 10 December at the Cock and Bell in L*ng M*lford.
I would like to thank my sponsors. ...

Several traditions were maintained; one or two were invented; some may last.
Here, with apologies to "Hello!" magazine - are some pictures of those who attended, and some details of the events which occurred.

I have to apologise that, during the course of the evening, my limited band of photographers were unable to keep control of their equipment, and, inadvertently, exchanged them for a brief while with those who, it seems, were recording what must have been a neighbouring "do" which involved rather more "ritual" among the brothers attending.
This explains the otherwise inexplicable presence of one or two guests wearing "Black Tie" - a form of dress totally out of keeping with the origins and ethos of the Morris Men of Little Egypt.

I sincerely hope regular visitors will not be offended by this breach of MMLE etiquette.

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Guests were arranged informally in the dining room of the "Cock and Bell".
"Top table" not being a concept understood by MMLE, the usual scramble for seats ensued - except for "Alickados Corner", which had been fenced off for security reasons.
Nevertheless, the scene was entirely festive and jolly.

No! I really am ...  .. and these are my team. 

It had been the intention to employ the "Clare Firm" to vet arrivals. Unfortunately, an apparent slip up in communication led to an OAP outing - the "Clearly Infirm" - standing guard instead.

On arrival, His Squirefulness, Neville, greeted each guest with glee and the promise of frolics.

'Ave you got a ticket?  'e's not orn my list ... 

Unlike the neighbouring brotherly function, the distaff side was well represented

Phew, girls, we've got in ok
although there were obviously a few lapses in security arrangements.
I told you I was

They give you a lovely treat  Don' they just! 

The great majority of the diners were up for a simply smashing occasion.

Togetherness  Enjoy! 
Absolute pleasure  Tell me my dear 

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