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Tony Ward Hits 60

Several Times

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January 2005

The World Demanded

(well, Texas demanded)

And the Web Site Provides

Several recent entries on these pages have hinted at the approaching Bus-Pass Status of His Wardship, Tony Ward, driver, dilettante, bon viveur, expert on the Cathars, Albi, Montaillou, Templars, Kipling, D. H. Lawrence, Lee Vaisey and most English literature since 1600.

Thanks to my regular correspondents, I can now reveal the dismal details of a Birthday Bash which seems to have lasted, not just across ONE weekend but several on the trot.
Just as well that this age of seniority also qualifies him for Free Prescriptions.

Only what we've come to expect form His Wardness, of course, and best summed up in his own immortal words:

"You've got to have some of that, my son."

The spirit of the occasion is captured in this first report which arrived on 10 January:

"Tony's 60th birthday was yesterday, but the celebration we have all been invited to will take place at the Black Lion, with a live band, next Saturday (January 15).
Yesterday (January 9) he had an enjoyable family lunch at the Bull in Cavendish, and we arrived at the Angel for the quiz last night as he was enjoying a post-lunch tipple.
In fact he was still enjoying it after the quiz and the beer leg.
He left the pub before us though, and I think it was still Sunday, but can't be sure.

Further intimations of what was to come are contained in another missive:

"Many happy returns also to Tony Ward who made his 60th birthday on January 8.
The official bash is to be held on January 15 at the Black Lion.
Emergency services have been notified and the Glemsford First Responders have put every member of their team on alert.

Details to follow as soon after the bash that I can focus on a screen to type it up. "

(Incidentally, any discrepancy in the exact dates is due simply to the alcohol) Ed.

And so, after an inevitable pause for mature reflection (and recovery), this initial account of The Big Event arrived. I hope there will be more.

The Morning After...
" We knew before we arrived at the Black Lion for Tony's 60th party last night, that a high turn-out was to be expected. The local shops usually have a very good selection of birthday cards, but the '60th Birthday' cards were conspicuous by their absence!

Then, on the way to the Lion, we met a couple of groups of our 'Angel' chums leaving and heading for the Angel. The reason being that it was so crowded in the Black Lion they couldn't get in/move, etc.

Bearing in mind it was pretty cold last night, we found half a dozen hardy souls had spilled out into the pub car park, as, indeed, it appeared that at least half the village was inside!

With a view to just having one drink, finding Tony, delivering the card and fighting our way out again, we noticed the french doors at the side were open, and could see Tim, Rose, Jos, Jill & co., and a bit of space! When we entered, we discovered the space was in front of the band's area, (who were taking a break.) The band Tony had originally booked had let him down, and - joy of joys - he had managed to book Tom Robinson at the last minute, together with a lead guitarist and the rather gorgeous saxophone player.

So we stayed. Of course. In pole position. The next couple of hours were quite delightful, and the atmosphere was terrific. Tony was presented with a picture of his ' Favourite Pub in All The World' by some of his friends, which turned out to be the Harbour Inn at Southwold. I don't think he could have had a better party, and he looked very happy. The music from Tom was excellent, as always, and there were at least 3 'encores', the grand finale being 'Time'.

The Black Lion kept open the restaurant, but warned people about the party. There was a couple who were staying on the Clock House Farm caravan site who got 'trapped' in the restaurant, thus adding a bonus to their holiday! They asked: "Is it like this all the time?"
As far as parties go, it will be a tough act to follow, like The Man Ward Himself."

Things being what they are, Glemsford being Glemsford, and Ward being Ward, I don't doubt the celebrations will continue a while yet, so I don' t feel at all late in adding my own "Happy Birthday, Wardy. Wish we'd been there."
Thanks, as always, to my village newshounds.

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