Little Egypt Wow the Glitterati-on-Sea

Culture Comes to SW1

As always, dancing at Southwold places all sorts of demands on the Little Egypt frame:

Banbury Bill

... like avoiding the traffic ...

Banbury Bill again?

... and avoiding the manhole cover (in case the bears get you) ...

And again

... and compensating for the camber ...

A favourite spot for that last nostalgic Ciabatta

... and finding time for that all-important Ciabatta with aioli ...

Bringing the house down

... not to mention having to ignore instructions to wear hard-hats while bringing the house down ...

Look at my stick!

... or risking the predations of our fanatic supporters ...

Vandals of Fulham Palace Road

... and running the extreme risk of gravel rash at lunchtime.

(Where once was fish and chips and now is only Bouillabaisse)

Not-the-Green-Park Conservatoire

But at least we could rely on the Musos to hide the inevitably-pristine 4x4s.


However, it is MOST important that, whatever the successes of the day (and, as always, they were many and major), we must record that the ultimate achievement belonged to Neville, for his arrival at The Black Lion BEFORE the appointed hour of depature. I rest my case.

Actually, I never went home

Steve Clarke 09 November 2005