Little Egypt Meet The Posh Set

Dancing at Knightsbridge-on-Sea

(formerly known as Southwold)

For more years than some of us care to remember, Little Egypt have been making a pilgrimage to the birthplace of Squire (and eminence gris et ronde) Neville Parry.
This year's jaunt was fixed for July 16; a coach was booked and filled (even if it didn't stop in Ipswich), and off we went, to the seaside.

And what a delight the place has always been: calm, unspoilt, gentle on the eyes and mind, and, most importantly, home of Adnams Brewery and, therefore, many excellent pubs and dancing spots.

But it is undeniable that the place has changed.
The gentle lilt of a Suffolk coastal accent is giving way to the harsh bray of the Home Counties.
Where hardy fisher-folk sat and contemplated their cheese doorsteps, now Tarquin, Rupert and Miranda nibble their baguettes and sun-dried-tomato-with-mozzarella salad (steady with the balsamic, dear, it's so passť).
Where cottages once stood, now bijou residencettes of the Mejur darlings abound.
And even where good ale frothed, now poncey cocktails can be seen.

But are we down-hearted? Are we b***ery!

Little Egypt still knows how to have a jolly, and show them city folk that not all quaint yokels are what they seem.

Martin  Ian  Cheers 
Cheers!  Martin  Marky Mark 
The Assembly
Nev in the round  Prof  NuNu 
Pip  RockGod  Cheers 
Geoff 'n' Barb

We even did some dancing, as this next page shows:

© Steve Clarke 09 November 2005