On St Stephen's Day,
They Performed Their Play
Very Much Alive

Maintaining the Tradition

The Little Egypt/Stour Valley Mummers

Stour Valley Mummers

This renowned group of itinerant players began life as an offshoot of the Morris Men of Little Egypt.

Over the years, and with an ever-more wary eye on Public Liability insurance, they have become increasingly closely integrated with the activities of the Morris - so much so, that it is increasingly difficult to see the join - unless you're studying Wigs particularly closely, eh Dave?

When asked about their motivation, few, if any will admit to an inherent desire to cross-dress, but the Thespian gene must always be close to the surface. Else, why Morris Dance in the first place?

However, we are not convinced that Darwin and all his Angels could explain the process which leads us to Sir Jukes and his bra-size.

Call for a doctor, as quick as you please.

As the confidence of the side has developed, they have taken, first, to adapting the rtraditional scripts to suit the Little Egypt environment, then, to writing their own versions, and now to performing a totally new interpretation of the whole tradition.

The keener eyes among you will note that the performance was also Al Fresco (although if Al finds out, he'll probably sue for plagiarism).
But all the main elements remain.
Script and Cast List will, I hope, follow.

Most important of all, the performance goes down very well, and provides a pleasant diversion from the more serious matter of "Going Ahead" which normally follows a little Egypt performance.

Learn about the earlier activities of the Stour Valley/Little Egypt Mummers
Look into my eyes...  We-e-e-e-e-el-l-l - you know you make me want to ... 
Just my size  I, on th eother hand, wear my wig on my top lip 
Do I like a big tit in this?  Quick! Have you seen what Jukes is wearing now? 
On yer Bike, Biggles  And a Happy New Year 
We're riding along on the crest ...  Is that a gun you're pointing at me ... or just your usual bendy weapon? 
Me and my shadow  I prefer this shadow 


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