Dancing the Dawn: May 1, 2005

The Time: 04.30
The Date: 1 May 2005
The Place: Park Farm, Glemsford
The Event: Dancing In The Dawn
The Weather: Inauspicious at 03.45, thunder, lightning, rain,
but by the appointed start time, cloudy, dry and clearing.


As the men and musicians gathered in the barn in that cheerful, smiling way which comes naturally at such an early hour, the Squire quietly briefed us on the dances to come.
Quietly because his head hurt.

Hev you got a light, bor? 
Wake me up when it's over
Another day, another dawn dance 

We would start with Getting Upstairs which clearly some of the men had failed to do after the previous day’s trip to Rochester followed by a Karaoke evening in the Black Lion.

See, it's easy when you know how. 

Staying with hankies, Banbury Bill followed. Stepping was delicate, hankies were waved with gusto.

Excuse my gusto, I'm always like this first thing. 
Everybody caper! 
Oh, the speed of it all 

With hankies neatly folded the Squire led the men in a spirited performance of Millie’s Bequest.
This was taken at a fair old lick as can be seen from the photographic evidence.

Some even got their feet off the ground 

Even the musicians in the shelter of the barn were warming up now.

I look good in profile, me, but then, I'm a Rock God 
Just hang on tight! 

Four Up was simply a blur as the men rushed to finish before the official moment of dawn was upon us.

I tnink I feel the world go round and round 

The Squire consulted his pocket watch and declared that it was indeed 5.23 a.m. and we would celebrate the arrival of dawn with everyone taking part in Ring O’ Bells.

Right men! Form up in ranks of three. 
Is it time yet? 
I don't know about you, but these feels more like Sweet Jenny Jones 

Sadly the sun was obscured by thin clouds, but recalling the traditions of Dancing In The Dawn, The Plough was Sped - with gusto

Sorry. I did warn you about my early morning gusto. 

With rumbling stomachs reminding the men that breakfast at the Black Lion was soon due, the final two dances, Vandals and Beaux of London City were performed in quick succession but with taste and accuracy.

God, I'm starving 
You can do this with your eyes closed. You probably will! 
Not more Gusto, please!  OK it's a fair cop. 

A final team shot and another May Day dancing was over.

Why don't we do this one all together. 

Tomorrow, Bocking!


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