Little Egypt Go To Maldon

The Greenjackets' Ale

No sign of Harper, Hagman, Hakeswill or even Sharpe

but a Jolly Good Time was had by all

"The Ale" is a time-long, time-honoured and exceedingly popular form of Morris entertainment.
Usually reserved for the quieter, non-dancing winter months, the Ale provides an excellent opportunity for different sides to meet under "social" conditions to exchange pleasantries, song and dance, and sometimes even to learn from each other.

On Saturday, 29 January 2005, Maldon Green Jackets provided such an opportunity for their Morris friends.

Little Egypt went too, and, as usual, I am indebted to the Free the Mill Hill 20 campaign for this account of the event.

Let it also be recorded that this was the first event at which Tommo "I'm No Quitter" Thomson no longer represented Little Egypt as Bagman.

In his stead, and ignoring all advice to the contrary, came the Voice of the Mill Hill 20 campaign, Brian "I'm Almost Taller than Tommo" Stephens.

Welcome Brian (if you're really sure) - and thanks for all you've done, Tommo.

(You may like to roll your mouse in the space above)

We gathered for a swift half at the Black Lion (yes, just halves!!!!) before setting off in a small convoy of cars, Ian in pole position leading us through the Belchamps and Witham to pull up outside the Blue Boar Inn.
A lovely pint of "Drop of Nelson's Blood" brewed on the premises and then we moved on to the Plantation Hall where dancing had already started!

Anything you can do ...

Lots of hankies were waved by other sides - I think they were pleased to see us or maybe it was a dance we didn't know.

Surrender? Never ...

But soon it was time for Ring O' Bells. Among the other dances we chalked up were Sweet Jenny Jones, Constant Billy Adderbury, Fires of August and Four Up.
This last one seemed to be unknown to the other sides so Little Egypt danced alone.

Have you ever seen anything like it ...? Killing me softly with his song ... Play that thang

Little Egypt danced well, especially new man Graham "Simon" Dupree. He sports a particularly fine cravat. Don't tell Robert Kilroy Slick.

This is ever so serious ... See what I mean? Concentrate, man, concentrate

All in all it was a brilliant evening and all thanks and credit to the Maldon Green Jackets for organising such an outstanding event, where particularly fine ale and food was included in the ticket price.

No wonder I don't remember everything...

Don't ask me, I've forgotten

The other sides present were:
  • Maldon Green Jackets
  • Bullnose Morris - Basildon
  • Bury Fair
  • Fenstanton Morris
  • and Hoxon Hundred
  • oh, and Westrafelda

Steve Clarke 09 November 2005