Horkey 2005

Little Egypt Unboughed


As suggested elsewhere, Straw Man, his Walnuts and Carrot, play a central role in the Horkey Celebration.


Reports of the evening have been culled from a variety of sources.

It was a great evening:
thanks to all the men and partners who worked so hard to make the Horkey a success.
The floor was always full with people keen to dance.
Everybody we spoke to had a great time and it seemed folks would have been ready to dance through the night.
The band played wonderfully well and filled in with a really great selection of tunes in between the dancing. We are very lucky to have the Horkey Band.
Also well done George and Mark for the calling.
Everyone thought the hall looked really good with Straw Man and his "paraphernalia".

Having fun with Little Egypt  From the door  The Straw Man Joined the fun 

There must have been around 100 people and to be honest any more would have put a serious strain on the integrity of the Circassian Circle.
Needless to say the Horkey Stomp went down a bomb...

Ruth Plays A Major Part  The Whole ...Section Was The Purple Gang

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Pose? Me? I've Been Thrown Out of Bands For Less 

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