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The Glemsford Horkey 2005

(Regular readers of these pages will know that the Horkey has been celebrated regularly by Little Egypt over the years.
They will also recall that the event is an evocation of an ancient Harvest Home tradition.)

November 12 may be an indication of a very late harvest and a very wet summer, but at least, in 2005, the tradition survives.

(And if you haven't read about it before, you'd better start at this ancient page, sunk deep in the mists of time).

They'll never spot us, Captain Mainwaring
Bob  Bill  Anon  Andrew  Daniel 

A select group met at midday at Glemsford church.
The bough was collected from Peter Ford's barn having been cut down by him and Bob the previous day.
The Bluebells of Scotland was performed in glorious sunshine before we moved on to Fair Green where a swift Speed The Plough was performed for the waiting 'bus passengers.
Then the first of the day at the Black Lion. Old Bob was on, a mere 5.1%.
(Young Bob couldn't make it).
Then we had the second of the day.
Then we danced Ring O' Bells.

Next, Tye Green where Sweet Jenny Jones pleased the patrons of the Cherry Tree.
Lovely girl.

As can be seen from the photographs, as supplied by the Little Egypt Press Corps, a Good Time was being had by all even before the dancing started.

At Trough!  Is this the smallest room? 
At the church  Lines!  What lines? 
Church view  Right laqds, I'm off

What used to be quite a good pub  

At one point, the Bough set off on its own, but was soon recaptured.

The Cherry Tree never used to be very welcoming to the Morris, probably because most of us preferred Real Beer to Chemical Cleansing Agents masquerading as lager, but Times Have Changed and this year they put out the banners for us, even if they were advertisng Mexican Food and Skysports.
Ho hum.

Remember lads, the Cherry Tree demands perfection  We're getting there  Nearly, but not quite. 
Store Wars? Wassat? 

Before your very eyes! 
Bob at trough

Time for lunch and it was pork pies and pasties at Argents Newsagents before a surprise refreshment stop at Andrew's house.
How we admired the new patio as laid by Keith whilst we supped his finest malt and schnapps.
A command from Hunt's Hill Stores - winners of Radio Suffolk's "Store Wars" for three consecutive weeks - had us demonstrating exactly how Morris Dancing should be done.
Our reward, a carrot and two walnuts for the Straw Man's forthcoming appearance.
Finally The Angel where some delicious Morlands was taken.
Then all too soon it was off to the Village Hall and setting up for the evening's Horkey Dance.

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