The Stour Valley needs its railway back

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Regular visitors will realise that the site, however slowly and subtlely, is changing.
So is this page.

I am more than pleased to host a discussion, a set of comments, any number of questions about Glemsford, its past, its present and its future, but I am not interested in pathetic pseudo-commercial attempts to pollute it with a load of rubbish about
I mean, how do they know ... ?

I have closed the page before, and am again cutting out the "self-entry" section, as part of the transfer to the new address.
But I want to maintain the facility, so, until I find a fool-proof and simple method, I am prepared to cut and past email submissions onto this page.
I know, I know, it is laborious, time-consuming and low-tech, but it puts the Guest pages back where they belong - with you and me.

So: email is the method. The addresses are below. Please use them freely.

Please be sure to let me know if you want me to include your address in the entry.

I would advise NOT. I am quite happy to hold an address book and put people in email touch with each other should they want to.

Oh - and just one more thing: I have hugely enjoyed the humour over the years. That MUST continue. OK?

The Stour Valley needs its railway back

Visitors in late 2003, 2004 and early 2005

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Steve Clarke Webmaster, not to say Dictator in a bit of a fluster at 08:51:56 Tuesday October 25 2005
What-ho Ellie! A deeply invasive and exhaustive enquiry is, at this very moment, taking place into the affair. I will respond as soon as the needs of results, the Public Interest, Security and respect for th elaw of libel have been satisfied. Meanwhile, what a strange time to be leaving messages on websites.

The pictures in question are now available at this address

Ellie at 02:50:24 Tuesday October 25 2005
can I ask if the pictures taken on the night where very few of the morris turned up to dance atthe star in Lidgate will be posted at all and if they will when so? am looking forward to seeing them!

Sue in Glemsford at 12:30:56 Wednesday October 19 2005
Hi Lisa - Do you mean STOUR CLOSE, the houses are next to the factory and near the main road. I do believe the river runs behind them. I think they are all private homes now.

lisa moore in MOORELS6@AOL.COM at 12:22:21 Monday October 17 2005

Lisa in In residential limbo at 22:16:40 Friday October 14 2005
I'm giving fair warning - me and Amy are Glemsford bound next weekend. To avoid any accidents, will someone get Kev and Paula to order in extra Gin? I am supposed to be moving down next weekend but there have been a few hold ups so I need the alcohol to compensate :)

Don't ever say Suffolk was not warned ...

Tom Pointer in Lincoln at 19:13:16 Saturday September 24 2005
Sorry Sue I was refering to the men folk not the G & T ladies who seem to take a back seat in this male dominated site.

Another sad person, probably in mechanical form at 07:11:04 Friday September 23 2005
Hello, I'm astonished! Actually I'm working in gambling thematic ... Thanks for pleasure I've got while visiting your site.

Oh, give me a break, please.
It's rubbish like this that makes me want to throw up.
I've just sent an offensive email to your contact address - comprising 2 words, 7 letters in total, beginning and ending in "F". Any chance?

Steve Clarke at 17:18:50 Monday September 19 2005
Just to prove how serious we can be, have a look at the New History stuff about the Browns and Savages - access it through the Home Page. Enjoy!

Sue in Glemsford at 12:49:38 Monday September 19 2005
To Tom Beer swilling nutters,"as if". We're a saintly lot, living here, on the top of the hill. After all, its a bit nearer heaven.

Tom Pointer in Lincoln at 12:39:44 Thursday September 15 2005
Just come accross you site. "Little Egypt" seems full of beer swilling nutters having a good time. When are they venturing north of the Wash? Need to publish an events calendar. Appear to have a tyke as village idiot. Need web cam for this years Boxing Day festives.

Anon at 12:24:09 Thursday September 15 2005

Liz Kunkel in Columbus,Ohio , U. at 13:47:39 Saturday September 10 2005
I have a friend who lives in glemsford and would love an update on the village.. I check this site often for updates on village life, gossip, etc.. Thanks for the insight.

Steve Clarke in Home at 18:07:26 Tuesday September 6 2005
Want to know something REALLY funny?
Since I changed the address of this page a couple of months ago, we've been relatively free of ignorant (expletive deleted)s putting their stupid adverts for Online Poker etc. on this page.
The occasional Mugu I don't like but I can cope with. But I've just discovered why.
They are so illiterate they can't find this page anymore, and they're still adding their rubbish to the old address! Their search machines must be really pathetic. Almost as bad as their rip off games, I suppose.

Pete Everall in Stowmarket at 10:38:00 Thursday August 11 2005
I read somewhere on this site that 'Glorious Glemsford' is back in print. Where can I buy it, and how much does it cost?

Steve Clarke - for Rose Sillett at 10:48:35 Tuesday July 26 2005
Thanks very much for your comments, Rose. The Suttle name is alive and well in Glemsford, courtesy of John, otherwise known as "Doods". You may find more about him in the Morris Dancing section!

Rose Sillett in Brisbane.Australia at 10:52:26 Sunday July 24 2005
What a wonderful site to read. What a surprise to read "Glemsford in the 1920's". My Granny Ada Suttle always for as long as I could remember spoke about Glemsford the village and Grandad who died age 35 due to the Ist.W.War. Your paper was wonderful, I felt as though I had gone back in time. My Gran would have loved to read it, she died 16 yrs age. She visited Glemsford in about 1983,and went to the church to see what she could find out about the family.Only being there for a few hours she was unable to find anything.In 1984 she emegrated to Australia aged 85yrs. Hopefully I might be able to find out though your contacts about the Suttles,in memory of my Grandmother.

Lisa at 21:46:21 Wednesday July 20 2005
Ah, the joys of being a get to spoil them, teach them bad habits, let them eat all the sugar they can manage, then hand them back safe in the knowledge that you are getting revenge on your children for years of torture... Congratulations!

An Update from His Webmastership: at 17:21:19 Monday July 18 2005
At present I am still revelling in the delights of grandparenthoodness (ta, by the way fro all the good wishes), and am away from the crucial bits of software that allow me to add to the site. As soon as I've done doting, new bits will be added by the dozen, nay score, nay lots of them.

one of the rest in the wonderful amazing glemsford!! at 00:13:43 Thursday July 14 2005
I just want to say. that I may be young an all, but I love to get up at 3am to go to a skanky old barn and freeze my butt off watching the morris dancing. now why would I like this? because it's great fun, all the guys are great, it's funny to try and get warm again and hey it's 3 in the morning. whats not to love.... ok just to say please never stop with the may day mornings, it's great and I enjoy going and watching!! byeeeee xx

Mr & Mrs Porous in Glemsford del Sol at 16:13:48 Wednesday July 13 2005
Marilyn & Steve, Many congratulations on the birth of your first grandchild, and best wishes to yourselves and of course Kathy & Mike from all in Glemsford. May we be permitted a glimpse of the wee bairn on the website in the near future?

David Dale in Bury St Edmunds at 16:38:03 Sunday July 3 2005
Found your site by accident - my grandmother Nellie Thompson daughter of Reuben Thompson lived at Church Gate Glemsford as a child - 9 yrs old in 1901 according to census records. Rueben was a coconut mat weaver and several of his children worked at the sil mill

Steve Clarke in a state of excited anticipation at 21:30:36 Saturday July 2 2005
Thanks Peter. Sorry updates have been a bit sparse of late, but, perversely, early retirement has created extra work demands! Back to normal soon (I hope) with the results of some very interesting "family" work that one or two people have been developing.

Peter Goody in Norwich at 08:48:05 Saturday July 2 2005
Thanks Steve for all your work on the revamped website and the war memorial page. Lambert Goody was a relative and I now have his full history. The more research I do the more Glemsford figures in my Family.So much so that in the 1881 census my family members occupied 14 houses/cottages in Egremont Street.I will revisit regularly to this excellent site.

Webmaster (huh) in Home at 13:28:26 Wednesday June 29 2005
Testing - new address

Mrs. Porous in A Very Decent English Village at 01:08:27 Friday June 10 2005
Dear Steve, I should like to add my advice to the tiresome individual(s) who mess up the lives of decent people by encouraging them to gamble, and have also infiltrated your otherwise excellent Website and Guestbook:- B*GG*R *FF!!!!!!!

Dave Gibbons at 23:17:39 Saturday June 4 2005
God, someone remembers Made In Japan! Crikey! I have some photos somewhere... Actually I went back there a couple of weeks ago for my parents' 25th anniversary - Paul and Sue De'Ath, from the white house opposite the social club. Good to see the old place again! Although you try getting a new tyre for a Subaru impreza in Sudbury at 4pm on a sunday.

I'll leave this here as an example of what I'm talking about.

See what I mean? Sad, sad, sad. ...

I need hardly add: nothing to do with me; ignore it!

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Steve Clarke at 23:13:08 Friday May 27 2005
Thanks, Darth. I have emailed Juhani: a typical and understandable confusion between Stansted and Stanstead. A 737 on Alston Crescent would be quite a sight. Your Chelmsford recommendation duly noted. Life (Life?!) in Essex has obviously addled the brain, dear boy.

The Man With No Name at 19:00:03 Friday May 27 2005
Stanstead airport is about an hour from'd have to turn around and come back as soon as you arrived. AND the Angel may very well not be open round that kind of time. I reccommend that you try the Queen's Head in Chelmsford - a lot closer, great amosphere, even better beer.

Anon in at 09:09:21 Friday May 27 2005
One correction: our arriving time is of course 11.40 and departure is 17.20 Juhani. So just on the lunch time :)

Juhani in at 09:04:40 Friday May 27 2005
Hi, we are a two married couple from Finland and on our intermediate stop to Stanstead Airport at June we have a few hours time to visit at Glemsford. So we think to make a trip to your local pub and eat fish&ships with a pint of lager. My question is how long time it take by taxi to the Glemsford and do they serve lunch in the pub? Our departure time is 11.15 o´clock. So please if you have time to answer my question we are wery pleased. I have visited in London once and would like to visit an english Pub when ewer it is posible. Thanks and greetings from Finland.

Ted Byford in Cherry Valley Ontario Canada at 13:23:14 Tuesday May 24 2005
Hi my grandfather's name was the same as mine,Edward Byford.He was from the Glemsford area,his son,my father,James Byford was over to the area on a few occasions.I have never visited any place in europe,although I wish to someday pass through.I would like to here more about the area if someone could e-mail me any information at all.My e-mail address is I appreciate any knowledge that is sent to me about Glemsford. Thanks in advance Ted

M J Cornell in at 15:23:54 Wednesday May 18 2005
I have downloaded a piece from your site about the 1999 Horkey I remember my father chaseing roundthe cart to get the last sheaf, he also tried to find a bough to throw on the top, this was just the other side of Saffron Walden in a place called Henham you have an interesting site Regards Michael Iknow live in Cornwall

Anon in New Zealand at 09:21:05 Wednesday May 18 2005
Steve, I was saddened to see the death notice of my dear friend Steve Brown, who died in Sudbury. He was part of our group who were brought up by the likes of Porter, and the rest of the Angel clan, a toast is needed mate. As for a name for Porter, well have to think about that one one to start. Red October ( red for his passion on politics, Oct for autum colours, fresh wit,and like the weather--changerable. love yer Porter boy Bruce

Steve Clarke (again) at 00:09:56 Wednesday May 18 2005
... and I think Darth Porter is one of the best so far. Unless, of course, you know different ...

Steve Clarke etc etc at 00:08:44 Wednesday May 18 2005
Well: at least they're not trying to sell poker or Muguman. To those of you not understanding all this recent debate, rest assured it is all very relevant, and very parochial, Glemsford in-humour. Er, ... at least, ... I think it is.

Anon in plummy at 20:03:18 Tuesday May 17 2005
That's his grandfather's title isn't it? or is his daft porter?

Lisa in at 00:00:12 Tuesday May 17 2005
How about Darth Porter?

Steve Clarke at a loose end for once at 20:00:31 Sunday May 15 2005
A replacement for 'Snapper?
How about Old Codger,or simply "Away Tig" - see below if you don't geddit.
Anyway, exactly WHICH one are you awaitig, Neil, old chum?

rob plumb at 12:17:58 Sunday May 15 2005
young porter's asking for trouble is he not ? how about "********"

Currently awaitig one... at 21:15:32 Saturday May 14 2005
....would anyone like to propose a new title for me now that I've had to relinquish the title of 'whippersnapper'?

online poker in online poker at 20:46:31 Thursday May 12 2005
These morons really don't seem to understand, do they?
1) They can't make their links work

2) I clear their rubbish away almost as soon as it appears.

Ho hum.

Lisa at 22:48:35 Tuesday May 3 2005
Hi Steve. We have returned from the sunny isle of Cyprus and I believe at this moment Whippersnapper is catching up with the beer he has sorely missed. Keo tastes alright for a few days but I suspect he was getting withdrawal symptoms. Just to give everyone advance warning that the blond bombshell that is Amy shall be Glemsford bound in June (with me in tow of course), although for some reason she is a bit nervous about going to the pub...

Glad to hear that the ex-Young One survived his venture into exotic holidays,
but, yes, IPA-deprivation can have serious side-effects.
He would be well-advised, at his advanced age, not to overdo the reintroduction. A couple of half-pints of shandy should act against the danger of sensitisation.

My God! What have I just said?

As for Amy's return visit, she must be brave. Probably better not to publish the exact dates, to avoid over-crowding in the bar area, but also to maximise Kevin and Paula's profits from the eager punters expecting her arrival.

Full details of the previous visit appear on the latest Angel page.

Roger Baker in at 01:56:07 Tuesday May 3 2005
Hi there Stephen. Thank you for this charming site. I was using it to search for an old friend that may (or may not)own a business in your village. His name is Todd Cunliffe and he would be about 45 yo and his business would be called something like "Churchgate Music". At anyrate the word Churchgate would be part of the name. Do you by any chance know of him or his business?If you can help me in this matter I can be reached at I live in South West Colorado so I am limited in my ability to search for friends in England. Best Wishes, Roger Baker

Michael in at 17:24:17 Thursday April 28 2005
I grew up on a farm near Saffron Walden in Essex, my father often talked about the Horkey he remembered around the end of the first world. I remember him throwing up the last sheaf and then the bough, i never did know the meaning of that untill i went to the Little Egypt web site Thank You Michael

Anon in megan shipley at 13:56:00 Friday April 22 2005

Webmaster Steve in reflective mood at 10:50:54 Thursday April 21 2005
What-ho David. "Made in Japan"? I still have the tape - "Snakeskin" if I remember properly. Excellent!

Dave Gibbons in Great Torrington, Devon at 12:24:06 Wednesday April 20 2005
Hello all. I lived in Glemsford from '79-'89 and did all my growing up there, especially at the Crown and Cherry Tree! My parents still live there on Hunts Hill and my mum was secretary to the Parish Council a few years ago. Some of you might remember the band I was in, Made In Japan, a Glemsford supergroup! Me, Fred Lay jr, Steve Gardiner, Alan Oakley, Kelly Faulkner and Paul Rayner. We played around the area for a while, most notably when an ambulance had to be called out to the village hall as someone had alcohol poisoning (ahem...) I was also in the Buffalo lodge at the Crown, and well remember Tom Brown, a terrfic man. His brother was interesting, too - Bommer - and of course Charlie Gooch, the old landlord of the Crown. Keep up the good work and more plugs for the Tractor Boys please!

Debbie in Glemsford at 22:20:17 Sunday April 3 2005
Like the 'now and then' photos added to the 'Glemsford in the 1920s' section. What a picturesque addition the blue wheelie bins make to the village streets, though. Ah, how we do love 'em...

lisa moore in (address available from the web-master [that's me, Steve Clarke, if you didn't guess]) at 18:40:40 Sunday April 3 2005
Dont know if you can help me or not. Around 1972 (i think) our family moved from London to Glemsford as my father got transferred from Cannon Rubber in Tottenham to Glemsford. We only stayed for a matter of months as my mum could not settle. Last year my husband an i came down to Glemsford and i could not believe how much it had changed. Would you possibly know the name of the road where Cannon Rubber did house families like us? I could not remember the name of theroad and was disappointed that i could not recognise it.
Many thanks, Lisa

Derek Parsons in at 15:46:12 Sunday April 3 2005
I have very much ejoyed looking at your site. It is great. I will be coming back to it again as there is so much to look at. I was born in Sudbury in 1935 and went to school there. I now live in Rochdale,and enjoy visiting the area around Sudbury. My web site which includes information oabout Sudbury Modern Secondary School is:- Thanks again for your great site. Derek Parsons

Sue in Glemsford at 14:45:43 Friday April 1 2005
Ah well then Steve it all leads to a blissful and contented website. Hope you are enjoying your way of life in the Northern Hemisphere.

Steve "Blissful" Webmaster in constant amazement at the nature of enquiries - :-))) at 09:08:50 Friday April 1 2005
Ah, Sue, you see: where we live we have access to the wonders of BBC Radio Scotland's late night weekday programme which should be available to the whole world. Its music keeps me going all day. Other reasons, I can't go into.

Sue in in Glemsford at 18:00:16 Thursday March 31 2005
Steve Would love to know the reason behind your "state of bliss", will you share it with us.

Webmaster Steve in a state of bliss at 13:51:26 Thursday March 31 2005
Greetings, Lisa.
Welcome back to these illustrious pages.
Very pleased that you enjoyed your sojourn in the fair pastures of Suffolk.
I must admit to being a little surprised, however, in that most visitors leave with no memory at all of what transpired once they entered the hallowed portals of said hostelry.
As for Blonde Amy, you have to understand that Blondeism is something that Glemsford folk have learned to live with, over the years, being so close to Essex - but it still fascinates them.

Just as long as she didn't come out with "Do you want a flake in that, chuck?". Guaranteed to cause misunderstandings, that one.

And by the way, what's wrong with Peter Kay - other than the Amarillo bit?

Lisa in Manchester at 10:37:11 Thursday March 31 2005
Hi Steve just to say a big thank you to all at The Angel for making my liver truly suffer the delights of a beer overdose this Easter weekend, it was much appreciated (despite being almost thrown out of the pub for liking Peter Kay at one point). I know a few have been asking 'When is that blonde girl coming back?'. Amy doesn't know what she did to start such a stir (although me and 'Snapper probably could hazzard a guess), but I am sure she will be travelling down your way again, if only to take Kevin's brother-in-law up on his challenge of a drinking competition....

Madeleine Berks in Falmouth, Cornwall at 17:02:54 Thursday March 24 2005
I was delighted when I discovered this site -about half an hour ago!- What a lot of work you have put into it! Well done. Madeleine.

dorothy in Austin at 15:26:45 Saturday March 19 2005
Gretings to all in Glemsford, Tony and Mo I can't wait for your trip to Texas! Look forward to seeing you, have a safe trip. Love Dorothy P.S. Thanks to Steve for giving messages and I loved the party pictures!

kevin at 16:01:04 Friday March 18 2005
hi steve i'll explain the golf jargon when you are next in the area (that is, as long as you want to know. in your journalistic capacity of course!) will send more pictures from saturday night, as soon as i can cheers

Steve Clarke (webmaster) at 21:04:07 Wednesday March 16 2005
'Snapper's got a brand new mac (see below): is that buttons? or velcro for quick release when you leap from the bushes? I am impressed. Do they have electric in Oz then?

'Snapper at 18:51:01 Wednesday March 16 2005
Greetings Steve, just to let you know that you were the first port of call with my nice shiny new mac.

P & P at 22:03:30 Tuesday March 15 2005
Notice to all of a treat in store this coming Saturday, 19th March - there will be live music from Tom Robinson and Friends at the Angel, Egremont Street, from about 9p.m.

Steve Clarke (webmaster) at 16:26:34 Tuesday March 15 2005

Thanks Karen.

The appropriate correction has been made.

Karen Carter in Hadleigh at 13:17:47 Tuesday March 15 2005
Just to let you know that your website mentions Beestons Coaches at Long Melford but they are no longer there and can be contacted at Hadleigh on 01473 823243. Regards

Pauline & Patrick Currie at 16:47:19 Monday March 14 2005
Hi, Jo, welcome to Glemsford! We were newcomers in August 2002, and it took us all of 3 hours to meet people - just visit 'The Angel' PH in Egremont Street!

Martin Storck in Yahoo at 16:01:41 Monday March 14 2005
The site looks awesome! Keep up the great work! http://**********/

Flattery will get you nowhere.
No unsolicited linking or advertising, thanks.

Sue in in Glemsford at 17:39:35 Saturday March 5 2005
Hi Jo Welcome to Glemsford,(belatedley) You will have to come to the History Society meetings, held ay yhe Village Hall,second Thursday of every month. You are guaranteed a very pleasant evening, where there are always excellent speakers on many subjects.

Jo in at 11:41:40 Friday March 4 2005
Hi! Have just come across this site in an attempt to find out about Glemsford with a view to becomming more involved. My partner and I moved here some 18 months ago and we still don't know a soul! I would like to meet people of the village and contribute but I don't know where to start! Do you have any ideas, and does the village welcome new comers?

Lisa in Manchester at 01:04:52 Friday March 4 2005
Hello Steve 'Snapper finally talked me into putting something in the guestbook :o) I love the site and I've had a good nosey round and found myself blushing at my one brush with fame (I can only blame the bad influence of 'Snapper). Keep up the good work!

MUGU at 22:20:33 Thursday March 3 2005
I like goats.

Aah! Isn't it sweet? He does keep trying, doesn't he?

MR MAGA MUGU in MGUG@MAGA.TG at 22:58:23 Wednesday March 2 2005

herbert bearman at 19:01:10 Saturday February 19 2005

Andrew Shaw in at 17:03:07 Thursday February 17 2005
On visiting your lovely village today I decided to try and find out a little more about the horsehair industry in the town with regards to violin bows. Not sure where to go I called in at the Post Office asking for booklets and suchlike upon which we were introduced to Mrs Slater and her mother who had worked in the industry all her life.Not knowing us from Adam we were invited back to her house and shown round the items she still has from the original factory. We were both amazed at the amazingly friendly and helpful people we met and would like again to pass on our thanks to everybody involved it was very much appreciated. Thankyou and congratulations on a lovely village !!

Steve Clarke - "web master" at 10:12 or so Monday February 7 2005

For Rhonda

Thanks for the note.
I've been wracking my brains trying to remember where those items came from.
I suspect the tithe map was a copy in Richard Deeks' papers, in which case it will probably be in the CRO in Bury; the aerial photos I simply can't remember - although there are some amateurish ones at this address:
and the various mapping co0mpanies like Multimap provide them.
I'm afraid I won't be able to include either here.

Rhonda in Australia at 00:36:06 Sunday February 6 2005
Hello again. I was looking at a Walk Through Glemsford found it very interesting however at the end I noticed at a reference to "At the end of the walk, the participants returned to the church hall to view a display of photographs and other memorabilia, including comparative aerial photographs and a copy of the 1841 tithe map." Is it possible to put pictures of the tithe map and aerial photograph on this site?

Steve Clarke - "web master" at 12:23:22 Friday February 4 2005
Good to hear from you Bruce.
I hope you've spotted the extra pictures on the Angel pages of his Wardship's extra-special thrash there.

Follow the links from the front page.

plastic kiwi in new zealand at 10:36:08 Friday February 4 2005
Steve, Hi again, I have had some e-mail from ex-5 o,clock drinking club members that THE WARD turned 60 and the bash was at the BLACK LION, is this a re-grouping of the clans to outback places, i.e. 1km up the road. Please give the old fellow my best wishes, have thinking it must be time for another session at the Angel, will have to save the dollars. best wishes to all, big smack on the back for Porter, who for some reason I will always relate with. take care p.s. if you see Mr Housego of Angel Lane, tell him.. go the Tractor Boys, teach him to support QPR. Bruce Rudd

DEBBIE HOOKS in DEBRNC@NETZERO.NET at 03:14:52 Friday January 21 2005

mark godfrey in at 19:44:30 Tuesday January 18 2005
well done tony ward you have defied the odds... congrats from the fairest cape....

Steve Clarke in the vaguely snowy northland at 19:32:54 Monday January 17 2005
Windswept? 124 mph just down the road; reportedly 136 outside our favourite hostelry - but that could have been the effect of the Landlord grabbing the till when the lights went out.
We'd no power for 51 hours and no water either all day Wednesday.
But we survived and so did the house. Luckier than a lot.

Sue in Glemsford at 16:21:48 Monday January 17 2005
Hallo Steve from a very dreary Glemsford (weatherwise), hope you didn't get too windswept in the wilds of the north.

Steve Clarke - "web master" in the windswept northland at 11:26:58 Monday January 17 2005

For Dorothy in Austin:

His Wardness' Birthday Bash is now recorded on the site. Details may be found at this address.
Parental Advisory notices are applicable.

mugu parker in at 21:16:02 Thursday January 13 2005
Added his usual rubbish, so I wiped it, and will continue to do so for the benefit of those of us who are not at all interested in his ravings.
Steve Clarke

Steve Clarke - "web master" in a state of confusion at 09:19:07 Monday January 10 2005
Sorry Dorothy: no-one's yet sent me details of His Wardship's Birthday Bash. Doubtless, it'll have been a miserable affair, but I'll let you know ...

Dorothy in Austin Texas at 16:44:28 Sunday January 9 2005
I just wanted to see if the party for Tony Ward was a smashing success, I'm sure it was. Happy Birthday Tony Hugs and Kisses form Texas!

sheryl rush in hadleigh at 23:33:18 Wednesday January 5 2005
HI my ancle in america is a descendent of charles wordley from cavendish and i was wondering if anyone has any information on this family. charles wordley married susan herbet in hadleigh in 1880. thanks.

sheryl rush in hadleigh at 23:32:26 Wednesday January 5 2005
HI my ancle in america is a descendent of charles wordley from cavendish and i was wondering if anyone has any information on this family. charles wordley married susan herbet in hadleigh in 1880. thanks.

gridley at 23:04:19 Wednesday December 29 2004

Derek Wordley in at 14:26:26 Wednesday December 29 2004
Hi Peeps. I am researching the WORDLEY family tree. I have quite a bit of data for anyone interested in the same quest.Would also be pleased with any further info. Most of my ancestors came from CAVENDISH and GLEMSFORD Other names CHATTERS ADAMS RAYNOR BAREHAM GOLDING.

Dorothy in Austin Texas at 15:18:26 Saturday December 25 2004
Merry Christmas to all at The Angel! Tony and Mo I miss you both and I hope you have a wonderful Holiday season. Love D Death P.S. Look forward to seeing you soon in our fine state!

Anon in at 08:38:08 Saturday December 25 2004

Anon in at 08:36:25 Saturday December 25 2004

Dorothy in Austin in AustinTexas at 02:07:42 Thursday December 23 2004
Tony Ward it was wonderful talking with you, I hope all is well, also tell George(clooney) hello. Love D Death

Steve Clarke to 'Snapper in Horizontally windy N W Scotland at 22:03:00 Wednesday December 22 2004
'Fraid not, young sir. Committed to these northern icy, but entirely, hospitable wastes for the duration. Have a good one yourself. When does the emigrant vessel weigh anchor?

Snapper at 18:23:28 Wednesday December 22 2004
Greetings of the season to you and your kin young Stephen. Will we be seeing you in East Anglia anytime soon?

Rhonda in Sydney, Australia at 10:56:25 Monday December 20 2004
For Andrew Clarke: Thank you for the interesting information. I had found that information on William Humm and John Humm in Newspaper extracts at the Foxearth site. My William Humm born about 1798 in Suffolk (from his Australian death certificate). He had a brother James born 1808 in Glemsford. William married Eleanor Game on 25th November 1828 in Glemsford, he had two children by her. However he may had been married previously to ? and may have had 3 children. (this from conflicting information in his convict record). At some stage he moved to Kent where his son George was born in 1829 in Faversham. He was convicted at the Kent Quarter Sessions on 6 Jan 1835 for stealing 5 bushels of applies. Transported to VDL on Aurora. I am intrigued as to who looked after his son. Did he return to Suffolk to family with his mother? George eventually married in Kent, came to Australia in 1853, buys land, goes to Michigan and has children there, then comes to Australian to stay in 1860. I am also interested in the Michigan connection. On doing searches on the IGI in Michigan a lot of Glemsford folk come up

Andrew Clarke in Pentlow F&DLHS at 22:29:10 Monday December 13 2004
In reading Rhonda's note on November 30th and November 8th, I was intrigued to read of William Humm's arrival in Australia in 1835. John Humm of Glemsford also ended up in Australia. In January 23rd 1828. I can't find anything about William Humm committing a crime. In July 15th 1835, -Samuel Seeley was committed to Bury gaol, charged with stealing a great coat from William Humm at Glemsford. If it was the same chap he couldn't have got to Australia in the same year. I can't find his name at the right place in in Richard Deeks' masterpiece "Transportees from Suffolk to Australia 1787-1867" either. James Oakley and John Humm of Glemsford were committed to Bury gaol on their own confessions of having stolen two horses, two saddles and two bridles from the stables of the Rev E.D.Butts of Glemsford and the property of Henry Craven Esq. At the Suffolk Assizes the death sentence was pronounced with recomendations of transportation to the colonies for life. At the beginning of May 1828, he was removed from Bury gaol to the Leviatham hulk at Portsmouth. he sailed on the 'Lord Melville' on the 14th November 1828 together with 168 other convicts to New South Wales and arrived on 3rd of May 1829. John Humm had been in trouble before, it would seem; firstly for assaulting John Mansfield, gamekeeper to Earl Howe at Cavendish, whereupon he was sentenced to be imprisoned until he gave surety of 40 pounds. Secondly, in February 1823 when he and Isaac Goody were charged with stealing six bushels of wheat in the chaff from the barn of Sidney Eldred at Glemsford.

See, too, the Family History pages.

Mabon Dane at 17:30:31 Thursday December 9 2004
Hi. I read some of the goings on at Glemsford.

C Cooke in at 20:26:15 Tuesday December 7 2004
anyone know of self catering accomm in Glemsford between xmas and new year for 2 adults and 1 young child. Any help greatly appreciated.

Steve Clarke - "web master" - for Rhonda in at 14:29:59 Tuesday November 30 2004
Rhonda - thanks for the entries on this page. If you want to drop me an email, I'll get in touch more formally to let you have some thoughts.

Rhonda in Australia at 11:02:13 Tuesday November 30 2004
Immigration to Australia and Michigan USA: I have ancestors from Glemsford and hoping for some information on any organised immigration scheme from Glemsford or Suffolk in 1850/60s to Victoria Australia and Michigan USA. Any clues? Also see my other post on Humm and Game families. Many thanks

Carole Terry in Kent at 13:24:53 Monday November 29 2004
I have in my possession a labour certificate for my uncle, Alfred Bean, residing at Glemsford and dated 1915 would anyone in the local history society be interested in seeing it, or are there plenty of these still around?

D Death in Austin Texas at 01:08:08 Saturday November 27 2004
Could you give a message to Tony Ward, miss you and look forward to seeing you again, thanks for the fun time in Glemsford. Love ya DDeath

John Porter in Derbyshire at 01:14:21 Thursday November 25 2004
Hi .... whilst I was filling in my entry in the Family Historians page a few moments ago I suddenly remembered my own personal link with Glemsford ... well other than my family comes originally from Glemsford. I think the year was 1972 or 73 and I took a vacation job with Goldsmith's Coaches of Sicklesmere. One of their runs was to ferry workers home from the Bush Boake Allen factory in Long Melford, up to Glemsford then along to C*v**d*sh (you see, I've noticed the convention on other pages). The chap who normally drove this route was on holiday so I was instructed to take over his duties. All went well as we left the factory, moving sedately along the back road toward Glemsford. Suddenly a pram appeared from a gap in a hedge and I was forced to the other side of the narrow road to avoid it. Unfortunately there was a ditch but I was forced to steer straight for it otherwise the pram would have been under the bus. I managed to ease the bus to a stop but the position was hopeless, the front wheel stuck. My passengers, amazingly without a single murmer, alighted and made their way home on foot. The pram pusher strolled off down the road, steadfastly ignoring the predicament of the bus. A local farmer was enlisted to help pull me out with a tractor and I eventually drove back to Sicklesmere and a very late finish. The next day saw me back at the factory but no mention was made by anyone about what had happened the day before. I have, on a few occasions, had to define the word phlegmatic and this tale has served the purpose very well; the people of Glemsford proved very hard to agitate. Does anybody remember this incident?

Steve Clarke - for Debbie at 17:29:01 Tuesday November 23 2004
Absolutely certain, I should think - the Mummers are foregathering as I type and the Lion is laying in extra IPA for the occasion.

Debbie Matthews in Glemsford at 14:09:28 Tuesday November 23 2004
Hello Steve & Marilyn - hope you enjoyed your recent visit. Last year's Boxing Day Little Egypt festivities looked like a lot of fun...any chance of any info on anything similar planned for this Boxing Day?

Evelyn Smith White in at 21:14:13 Monday November 15 2004
I have just revisited your site - it is much improved since last visit. Glad to see again the various buildings that we remember from our visit in 1999 - especially the remodeling of the old Baptist church. As I remember there had been grave stones in the front yard and we had thought one of them was connected to our Smith family. What happened to them? Our grandfather was George King Smith born in Glemsford July 7, 1828, son of James Smith (whose gravestone is in the Drapery Common) and Priscilla King b July 19, 1795 dau. of James & Susannah King. Priscilla died in 1836 (we did not find her burial place.) George King Smith came to America in 1849, first going to Ill, and then settling in St. Charles, Minnesota. I would be interested in knowing if anyone can give me further info on these families - especially the King family. And want you to know you have a great website - I was amazed when I just happened to put in Glemsford, England, and found it a number of years ago. I have brought our sons on 2 different visits to Glemsford and visited it ourselves another time. Evelyn Gramse Smith White, Phoenix, Arizona

jan & dave richardson in Vic Australia at 11:34:51 Wednesday November 10 2004
It was our home for 31 years, till the begining of this year and all my family have wonderful memories. All our best wishes Jan Richardson

Pauline & Patrick in Hunts Hill at 14:55:34 Tuesday November 9 2004
The Service of Remembrance will take place at St. Mary's Church, Glemsford, on Sunday, 14th November at 10.00am, followed by a march to the War Memorial, Tye Green, for the wreath-laying.

Rhonda in Sydney, Australia at 09:26:11 Monday November 8 2004
Thank you for this interesting site. Sorry we missed your village when visiting Suffolk in October this year. Darn. However, I have found since that I have ancestors William Humm (transported to Australia in 1835) George Humm his, Eleanor Filmer his first wife and Ellen Game his daughter in law. Anyone have any interest in this family? Seems there are a lot of Humms in the Suffolk area. Cheers.

Steve Clarke in need of sustenance and therapy after Bush's victory at 23:29:55 Thursday November 4 2004
Thanks 'Snapper. I'll get the rest of your mail on-line toot sweet.

Almost 30 whiippersnapper in Glemsford at 19:51:16 Thursday November 4 2004
Evening Steve, I am once again a full-time Glemsford resident. Latest news - Tony Ward is persona no grata at the Suffolk Yachting club following some 'salty' language. Mother has shaved off his beard bit retained a moustache - making hime resemble either John Cleese or Leslie Phillips, Ding Doooong.

Jayne Bennet in Litlington Herts at 11:00:17 Thursday September 23 2004
Have yet to visit the village but this fantastic website has wetted my appetite to do the research on my family history "insitu" as it were.

Kevin L'Estrange at 14:44:29 Saturday September 4 2004
finally had a quick look, have you got the bob diary about his sheep. if you have can you send me the link? then i'll print a copy for the pub. cheers

Caroline in at 12:08:19 Friday August 27 2004
My grandfather was a WORDLEY, and the family originated from Glemsford. If anyone has any information on this family to assist in my family research - I'd be really grateful if you could contact me. Regards Caroline

Eileen Smith in South Australia. at 07:47:19 Wednesday August 18 2004
Visited Glemsford in 2002 on a visit to the UK. Had recently found an ancestor had been born there, but moved to Birmingham sometime in the early to mid 1800's. The name was Addams. Was interested in the large industrial site which we later found was a silk weaving factory. Very pleasant village, but no time to stay for long.

Pauline McC. in Hunts Hill, Glemsford at 12:56:25 Wednesday August 11 2004
Cyril Newsome has hit the nail on the head! The 'cracking site full of Civilised Nutters' attracted us to Glemsford two years ago, and we have not been disappointed. How long do we need to live here to qualify for our C.N. badges?

Cyril Newsome in Ireland at 03:09:56 Sunday August 8 2004
What a cracking site full of Civilised Nutters.
I love and miss the old Morris Dancing as I was a Long time Lover of the Manley Cloggers from Cheshire when I lived over there. Great music and Craic to be had. Glad to see you made the trip over to Ireland. Bet you didn't get to see any of the Mumming sets though?
For those interested in Mumming and Morris Dancing origins, can I plug a book?
"The Mummers of Wexford" it is a great read for anyone interested in the origins of the Mumming/Morris dancing. Truly a great piece on Social History, full of stories of those who take part in these activities.
I have no connection with the author Jim Parle but was so impressed by it's content I just had to plug it.
By the way who is this Looney Newsome you had mentioned on the site, could we be related I wonder?
Keep up the good work, once again a cracking site for us old traditionalists.

Many thanks for the accolade, Cyril.
No problems with the "plug" - we didn't meet any Mumming when we were in Ireland, so thanks for the hint.
Trevor Newsome - the Looney you refer to - is, I believe, Yorkshire by birth and accent, looney by nature and timeless in the musical sense.
Does that help?

Alison in Cardiff at 13:49:36 Friday July 9 2004
I had been hoping to find some mention of Cannon Rubber Limited on your site, maybe a little bit about how they support the local community and how directors make celebrity appearances, but have found nothing . Perhaps I have got the wrong Glemsford.Or perhaps the community of Glemsford have little to celebrate in having Cannon Rubber so close. I don't know.

You raise an interesting point, and yes, it is remiss of me not to have mentioned Avent (as they are known) in my business section.
Avent are indeed a major employer in the area, and their factory (on the Lower Road, on the site of the old Flax Faxtory), is a great example of modern industrial design.
In my defence, I would say that this is a non-commercial site, I have left it open for interested people to approach me to have entries made on the relevant page - or, indeed, removed - and I would be more than happy to include a reference and link to Avent if I were thus approached.
Perhaps you'd like to e-mail me.
However, I would also add that, in 20+ years of living in the village, I don't recall any obvious "community support" or "celebrity appearances". I may be wrong, or just have missed them, but if that's the case, it was not very high profile, was it? Again, perhaps you'd like to let me know.

Best wishes,
Steve Clarke

But see also an item on the "News and Gossip" page.

Sue People in at 21:31:19 Monday June 28 2004
I help a charity which exists in order to purchase breathing equipment for asthmatics. The AsdaWalmart store in Swindon has offered us the whole of August 2004 for fund raising events. I would be extremely grateful if the Morris Men could perform for us on one of the days in August. I look forward to hearing from you. Sue

mark godfrey in at 18:54:23 Wednesday June 2 2004
looking at the angel website has really cheered me up on this cold cape town winters night.i am very saddened to hear of so many poeple passing away recently,i coundnt see wardys name on the list..!.

Den Hale in at 14:03:30 Sunday May 30 2004
I did Morris dancing when young 4 competitions won them all last one with honours represented England in London with Jocky to the fair . I live in wiltshire 52 but fit coul;d yopu send me your dates would love to live the FUN again

Gregory Martin in at 12:46:56 Tuesday May 11 2004
Hello, could the GOODY who emailed the guestbook reply to me if he knows of a GILLIAN GOODY who lived in SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA in the 1970/80s' - she came from ACTON , London. If I am able to find her my wife Linda would be so happy. thanks, Greg

Whippersnapper at 15:18:59 Sunday April 25 2004
Lucy, you can find an account of Cristmas Eve goings on here :

Juicy Lucy at 20:03:27 Friday April 23 2004
What happened on Christmas Eve?

Liz Baker in at 20:34:50 Friday April 16 2004
Susan Bruty RE: Bruty Family History. I have been doing a study of the Bruty family going back to 1523. Will be glad to give any help.

Arnaud RUTTER in (PARIS - FRANCE) at 15:25:46 Wednesday April 14 2004
Good Website! Hello from France!! I'm french, and i've just found that my ancestors come from this area. I would love to hear from anyone with information on the RUTTER family. Thank you very much!!!

Gerry Deal in Wootton Beds at 09:37:56 Sunday April 11 2004
Nice to find a good local website. My ancestors come from this area and I would love to hear from anyone with knowledge of the DEAL, STAMMERS or ARGENT families, present or past. Details of these families can be found at

Carole Terry at 15:16:57 Friday March 26 2004
Can anyone tell me where or who I can contact regarding the photographs in the publication Glemsford in the 1920's and any other publications as I think some of the photographs may be of my relatives. Thanks in anticipation,any reply to this page please as I read it regularly.
Lynda (nee Gridley) in Wiltshire at 16:26:39 Sunday March 14 2004
Great mixture of chat and research. I would love to hear from anyone with information on the Gridley family.

Avril Marshall in Lincolnshire at 12:02:41 Tuesday March 9 2004
Very interesting site esp. for researchers whom I am one of many.MY names are Golding Mansfield Deeks Bowers Bowyer Reeve among many others twiglets on tree.

Leanne Bailey in Norfolk at 19:03:38 Saturday March 6 2004
I am researching the family name BROCKWELL. In Particular James born around 1840. Does anyone have any information about him or what happened to him after the 1881 census? Cheers

Neil Porter (grandson) in Glemsford, for now. at 00:56:11 Wednesday March 3 2004
I can assure Ruddie that the old bastard Porter is alive and actively moving his legs in a vaguely offensive motion, whether or not he'll be about in a week or so I don't know as he's currently in Portugaul....rumours of an EU shortgae of Port and Red Wine are as yet unconfirmed.

Ruddie in New Zealand at 13:44:30 Saturday February 21 2004
Steve, how are the Angel mob, is that Porter still alive,if so tell the old bastard to have a drink with me on March 7th 04 as I'm getting married again. The lady is Glenys Macleod, hope everyone is okay, sad to hear about Tony Williams, has Ward married Mo yet????? Best Wishes Bruce

Michelle Smith in northamptonshire at 16:37:27 Thursday February 12 2004
I am researching the name of Middleditch in the Glemsford area. I would love to hear from anyone with any information regarding this name.

buster johnson in Sattahip Thailand at 15:30:30 Tuesday February 10 2004
thanks for the site it is nice to keep up with the news maybe i can get back for a quick pint or two soon. sorry to hear a few friends have gone since i left. thanks again keep the site going

steven bearman at 22:13:12 Friday February 6 2004

Linda Ireland in Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia at 06:29:35 Wednesday February 4 2004
It was a wonderful surprise to find this site while "surfing" the net to research my mother's family name - Bullingham. I only found Doris late last year and it was a bonus to find that you had put "A Walk Through Glemsford" out on the Web. Thank you.

Susan Bruty in stansted, essex at 16:56:52 Monday February 2 2004
I am trying to research the name of Bruty in Gemsford. i have a record of a marriage and birth in 1770. Can anyone let me know where/how to contact the vicar or verger in order to visit the church records?

Alex Murkin in Southminster, Essex at 16:42:34 Monday January 19 2004
Hi Kevin, Paula and all at The Angel. Just to say a big thanks to you all for making me feel so welcome when I came to play at the pub last weekend. Numan as usual you are a star! and as for the rest of you... well, you should know better! - Hope you all had a great time as I did. Many thanks again, Alex.

'Snapper in Glemsford, considering heading to the pub for hair of the dog. at 12:58:08 Sunday December 28 2003
Afternoon Steve, have just mailed you a report of the Angel's Cristams Eve, plus one or two other disptaches from the front line. A very happy new year to you.

Festive Whippersnapper in Glemsford at 17:22:55 Wednesday December 24 2003
Seasons greetings to Steve and Marilyn plus users of the site. See you all down the Angel tonight for the mighty Porcus Rex!

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