20 August 2005 - A Memorable Day

Well: Nothing's Impossible ...

As Little Egypt Constantly Prove

2004 saw the Meeks safely hitched; 2005 was Bill and Debbie's turn

Not forgetting Ben, of course.

Little Egypt don't really need an excuse for a Good Jolly, but when one comes along, like the celebration of a marriage, they will always make the most of it.

Specially decorated for the occasion.

The day's celebrations began at the Parish Church of St Mary the Virgin, in Glemsford, on a glorious August day.
The Morris Men of Little Egypt were there in force, as the array of garlanded hats in the church porch bore witness.
There was some initial confusion and embarrassment, in that some had read the Invite as to a "Weeding Ceremony", and came equipped with Round Up ®and Trowels, but they soon got over that.

I haven't had a drop, darling
Look at my stick!

Bill is nothing if not efficient (oh, o.k., he's also Impossible), so he had made certain that, to ensure everyone had their photo taken, the photographer had a List.

Here's the evidence.

Since they were there, the Morris Men decided they had better dance.
So they did.

Getting Upstairs  Play up  Off we go lads: Fires of August 

Two traditional marriage dances:
  • Getting Upstairs
  • The Fires of August Passion

Blimey. He's not posing 
Such an elegant dance  Certainly looks complex 

And of course, once the formalities were over, Little Egypt could really Go Ahead, at the Reception.

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