St Stephen's Day 2005:
The Gathering and the Procession

"...some wild and god-forsaken troupe "(J. Meek 2005)

As Wellington said, in another place, at another time:
"They put the fear of God in me",

and as the troops are reputed to have said in 1885:
They're like them there Egyptians ..."

Thus it is that, each Boxing Day,
the Morris Men of Little Egypt,
having fortified their will and their vim,
and reinvigorated their vigour,
assemble near Tye Green
and process through the streets,
from Parry Towers,
to their spiritual home,
the "Black Lion".

Just for a few minutes, time, and traffic, and probably Cleverdon, seem to stand still,
as the cry goes up:

"Look out! Little Egypt are Gathering!"

No drinking, now!   
Look lads - a pub!   


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