St Stephen's Day 2005:
The Muster Is Called

"Our Squire Calls and We Obey..."

"...into the shed and far away ..."

For more years than most remember,
Little Egypt's Boxing Day Revels
have begun, as so many good things do,
at the end of Neville's
garden path

His hospitality is legendary. One legend has it that a "guest" at last year's do was found in the same shed when Nev came to stoop this year's celebratory barrel.

Surely this must be a coincidence? Champion Jack Dupree was renowned for his Barrelhouse-piano style!

The event is always a good opportunity to get some decent mug shots before the renewed alcohol takes hold.

It is also a good opportunity to get close ups of the newer members, and visitors, including those for whom Essex border controls were relaxed for the day.

Equally, it is a good time for younger members to make their mark.

"... away from the shed and a long way off,
Squire Nev will blow your baldrics off."

Welcome!! Do come in!  Cheers, Squire 
Trust me. I'm a Councillor.  You must be kidding. 
It's a bit early for Sebastian  Police are trying to trace ... 
Nothing changes, does it?  The whole world smiles with you. 
They pay when they drink at mine  Me? I Can't wait. 
Is this what they mean by having a Good Time?  Meanwhile the musos prepare. 


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