St Stephen's Day 2005:
Let Dancing Commence

"Why we're here."

As is well-documented, Little Egypt have been dancing on Boxing Day for many years, and the arrival at the Black Lion is now something of an institution.

Just how much is indicated by the number of pages devoted to the Event on this site:

Without seeming blasť, 2005 was its inevitable success. The photos show not only the energy and commitment of the side, but also the extent to which people are prepared to turn out for the fun!

Why! Even some of the lines are straight, and there is real determination in the Side's Eyes - yes, they mean it!

Those "on the bench" for any given dance show an equal interest in the Side's progress - even if they are spookily similar in appearance.
Bangs used to wear a beard, you know.

And,as always, the Little Egypt ensemble, the long-suffering musicians put down some fine sounds, without which the dancers would look pretty stupid.

(Oi! There was no need for that comment.)

Yes: Bill really is wearing a herb garden. It's on trial for Jamie Oliver.
Vim and vigour  Look as though you mean it  
Mind me bleedin' 'ead  If I 'ad it wouldn't be bleedin' bleedin' 
Where's Trevor?  We told him we're only Carol Singers 
Where's Trevor?  We told him we were dancing at Melford 
  Me? I just stand here. 
Don't play a note until you see the colour of their money  What animal suffered in the name of Ruth's hat? 
No gloves today  It's quicker than Parcel Force 
Had a nasty turn, Bill? 


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