St Stephen's Day, 2005
The Aftermath

If Little Egypt Went Ski-ing ...

(Which heaven forfend)

... it is a safe bet that the activities off-piste and après-piste would be just the same as on-the-piste.
If fact, when would Little Egypt be anything but on-the-piste?
And so (thank the same heavens) is it when Little Egypt dance.
The fun is as much to be found in the bar as on the dancing ground.

Despite the best effort of Nanny Kill-Joy Blair and Her Public Entertainment Licensing Act which has attempted to drive out the last vestiges of native English culture from our pubs, the impromptu sing-song around the room, in favour of predigested squeaky clean pre-recorded Des O'Connor soundalikes, Little Egypt are prepared to risk their clean criminal records (almost) to entertain their public.
The Bottle Dance is a long-revered method of insuring audience participation.
Neville, as befits his Squireish Status, is the past-master at inducting innocent bystanders into the mysteries of the dance.
His performance this Boxing Day was
sans pareil not least because of the rare appearance of Neville's Body Double for the occasion.
Quel Embonpoint!

As always, being more concerned with technical accuracy and with preserving the dignity of the participants, than opting for some "Hello!" magazine exposé of those involved, our photographer has concentrated rather on legs 'n' bums more than faces.
At least, those are his excuses, m'lord.

One of the really good things about the Bottle Dance is that it is really quite easy to pick up, so, unlike say "The Special" (a Molly Dance which MMLE also perform indoors), partcipants can feel some sense of having learnt something, quickly.
And equally quickly, they will begin explaining the finer points to their friends, who then begin to wish that they'd had a go after all.

And then, of course, there is the matter of the effect it has on the spectators.

Seasoned campaigners have been known to quiver with excitement, old lags have been known to buy a round, and newcomers have stood open-mouthed in anticipation.

Some, on the other hand, have seen it ALL before, and maintain a wise, inscrutable and Saturnine silence.

Just do as you're bloody well told (and watch my Body Double for ideas)  Stupid boy! (Good to see Wardy, by the way) 
Hold me up someone  Is this a civil partnership, or just the usual? 
It really is very simple.  Allow me to help you, m'dear 
Which bottles?  Oh! THOSE bottles ... 
Get the hand movements right too.  Then run it all together 
My God - What's THAT?!  Something in the ways she moves ... 
And the rest is silence 


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