Ritual humiliation

for five men who had joined during the past eighteen months but had


Promis. You won't feel a thing

Told in advance to bring a spare pair of underpants and a large bib, Will, Keith, Alasdair, Andrew and Brian wondered what was in store.
It turned out to be even worse than their most fevered imaginings.
True, it started off innocently enough with a few questions about Little Egypt and a required demonstration of certain dance steps, but then the real trial began.
Aldous's bulging underpants were produced and each of the men in turn was required to dive in head
first and extract an object from some revoltingly damp and glutinous substance.
Their aim was to find the Golden Chip!

For the final ordeal five stainless steel bowls were produced, each containing what the men hoped was some sort of Instant Whip.
Without using their hands they had to extract the object in their bowl. Would it be the Bagman's brains or the Squire's wife's knickers?

As the pictures reveal, each man performed without fear or hesitation, in the true tradition of Little Egypt.
Sadly at the end of proceedings it was unclear whether all had passed their initiation or some might have to undergo further tortures at a later date.

Trust me
Swallow! There! Doesn't that feel better?
I thenk you Bless you!

A few more drinks, a few more songs and suddenly it was time for carriages. All agreed it had been a vintage Beano.

Congratulations to Martin, Squire & Tommo for its immaculate organisation.

An' if you's not dere next yoir, we's wanna know Why? OK?

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Steve Clarke steve@little-egypt.org.uk 09 November 2005