Gathering winter fuel

... (when a poor man came in sight)...

A "Tommo Thomson Production"

with the Squire as Best Boy (what else?)

"A Day In The Life of Little Egypt".

Gottle of geer

How we laughed as Tommo, behind a specially erected gauze screen, manipulated cardboard cutouts of various members of the Little Egypt team.

He was so good as a mimic that we truly believed Hazel was mourning the sad passing of her wee hen NuNu.

Or that Sir Dave had cruelly injured Julie by driving his Mazda at speed into her buggy.

vroom vroom

Or that the two plods had come to arrest him.

I was only doing 105

and that the two angels Bob and Alasdair would put everything right!

Allo allo allo

A real tour de force from Tommo & Neville.

George Bush? Einstein reincarnate.

All dis talk of Plod make me uncomfortable: can we move on?

And then, and then ...

Details of the dinner:


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Steve Clarke 09 November 2005