Deep and Crisp and Even

(Like mama's pizza)

The photos "Hello" wouldn't print

Just checking everyone's paid their dues ...

Once dinner was called there was the usual confusion about where to sit - apart from those seasoned veterans who had already laid coats on their chosen chairs

If he calls me 'Don' again, he's for the concrete overcoat
Smile, babe, they're watching

but eventually everyone was ready to launch into Christmas Carols lead by the Squire as he called on the musicians to "give me a C".

I remember when I had some hair
This is my show. You gonna argue?

Martin C moved amongst the diners reminding them of what they had ordered in advance,

It's nice when people do as they're told
They don't call me The Enforcer for nothing

only a minority querying their choices - "I don't remember ordering slow roasted pheasant breast"; "I don't even like fish"; "You know where you can stuff that Cleverdon"

I know. I forgot my bowler, ok?
The man in the White Suit sits easy

"Hey dats enough of dissing the Maestro; what about di goils??"

Details of the dinner:


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Steve Clarke 09 November 2005